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Why? The human eye can't tell the diff anyway. Why add more drain to the battery for no real value?
Actually that's a terrible idea. Apple's main draw is even they can't access the info as it's gone or encrypted even from them. Break that barrier and gov't subpoenas will be flying left and right and Apple will have no defense against providing the data.
Be interesting to see if numbers climb due to supply meeting demand which grows or if it slacks off due to early adopters all having theirs.
Given than Apple's battery life in its devices is certainly not leaps and bounds ahead of everyone not sure why they think a battery car is a good thing. Unless they're really developing fuel cell tech or something far more exotic
Apple plays nice when it wants to but not so nice when these other players want their apps approved for iOS. No wonder they're not so eager to help Apple with its health app
I'm thinking Apple should only sell 8gb iPhone 3G's to start AT&T stores. What's good for the goose......
right because we know absolutely nothing about supply or demand numbers.
In other news Apple confirmed the watch will not work for people who do not have arms.
Since Apple is only doing this for their own benefit, to get better third party apps faster for the watch so they have better selling points, it's very disingenuous to attack the developers who were promised one.It does seem like this may be more of an Apple store notification issue than an actual shipping issue.
For the vast majority of things one uses their iPhone for a tiny watch screen is useless. Unless you want to speak everything out loud via dictation, often not a good option in many situations, you reduce a very expensive iPhone and watch combo to much less functionality that exists now
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