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Yes they do in order to review the device and write about it. Often they are given back. I'm just curious as I haven't seen any technical or even fashion reviews from these celebs....
While I have no problem with Apple giving them to celebs for marketing I think making them custom bands is not a help to the Apple watch. What it says is Apple's regular offerings don't meet their standards so if Apple wants them to wear it they need a special band.
All good and valid points, some of which I'd forgotten. There was also the very high price, rapidly lowered that factored in I'm sure.
A totally invalid comparison. When the first iPhone launched Apple was a computer company with a line of music players. There was no reason for the masses to assume Apple's iPhone was this great product, which the first iteration was not. Now Apple is known for its wide variety of awesome products and as being the number one innovator in tech. People are MUCH more prone to drool at upcoming Apple products today and pre-order just based on Apple's rep
Right often there's only one that's not in use by others. You can charge your phone from your computer you cannot charge your computer from your iPhone
I need a multi port to plug both in. Kind of defeats the purpose of the ultra portability
The one port is my problem with it. It's a non start having one port that is also the power plug. The main use might be using it somewhere needing to plug it in and wanting to charge/sync your iPhone. It's a no go. I frequently charge my phone in my laptop port on the road where sockets may be few and far between
Hence the up to 50% off for employees on release date.......
I use my mini every day. The iPhone plus doesn't replace it, it's way smaller and requires a cell contract or a much higher price than the mini. It's smaller form factor is ideal for many. Why stop the line?
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