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Oh no's that would mean another screen size to complicate the lives of developers. I mean that's the line yammered over and over when a larger iPhone is discussed.
In Central Time and UPgrade is still showing 6.1.4 as up to date on my iPhone 5.     ???
Then keeping the 4S with both a different size display and a different connector makes little sense. An 8GB 5C could have been the free w/contract phone.
It's not the subsidized price that is the issue. It's the contract free phone that many people look to purchase. At $549 that is very expensive.
I must admit, I do not see the market Apple is intending to target with the 5C. In the contract free world, it's too expensive for most (especially outside the US). At most it seems like the close price point will just canibalize sales from the 5s. Seems to me the only thing the 5C brings to the table is colors. It might also increase supply if they can pump these out faster than the 5 and avoid impinging on the 5s lines.
Why keep the 4S with the old connector?
Gotta agree. This is dumb. Too big and unless you grew up on Super Mario and the like who needs it?
Problem with iWatch is people don't want to have to charge their watch every day. Most of us who wear watches put them on and forget about them (aside from looking at time etc). I cannot imagine having to charge my watch daily. Then will be the days someone forgets to charge their watch.
Never mind if it's good or useful. Just spite yourself on principle. Good idea.
Can't wait to see their ad blaming Apple for this fiasco. Another iPad in a hurse maybe? :rotfl:
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