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Yep, that's me a Fandroid.  :lol:  I've been using Apple since the mid 80's and have never even owned any other smartphone since the iPhone came out (still won't).    I also love how saying a wider screen automatically means you want a 5"+ screen.  I don't think a slightly wider screen would have been a bad thing for Apple to do.  That's nowhere near a 5"
The greatness of Apple and Jobs was their ability to innovate beyond our wisdom. If we're reduced to giving our ideas of what Apple should be innovating, they're behind the 8 ball.When the first iPhone came out Jobs said he had a 5 year head start. That 5 years is up, and the iPhone 5 today is nowhere close to the innovation the first iPhone was in its day.
You mean to tell me the maximum width you can hold to your ear is the width of the iPhone? Sorry you have deformed micro hands. The one hand claim is operating it you dolt, not holding it to your ear.
Let's see the real life benchmarks before just accepting the speed claims. I'd like to see the benchmarks against the latest Android and Windows 8 phones.
Oh and let's not forget the cost of getting new cables/adapters for the old ones. BTW, this has nothing to do with how the case looks. I don't need the worlds thinnest smartphone. How about a little thicker and the worlds best battery life. How about a little wider screen. The whole one hand thing is way overblown both in terms of fact and how often it even applies.
Another choice stupid comment. Laptops are not changing and evolving at the rate and scale smartphones are.  In the smartphone world tech and devices are growing in leaps and bounds. Apple seems to have left that world and joined the incremental update world. That was fine with the 4S, but now it's the third phone without major changes that lead with new features, and I'm not talking about the design of the exterior. They follow behind Android by a year or more.
An underwhelming phone if I've ever seen one.    As has been pointed out, there is nothing in this phone that has not existed in Android for a year at least.   OS is still looking the same.  The minor upgrades to Apple's apps duplicate Apps that have been available for years and are mostly free.   Slightly longer screen - Meh.   LTE, again out for years on Android.   Battery Life - lower end of the smartphones.   As an Apple user since the 80's I...
I guess the question could be turned around and asked as such. Why are millions of android phones (more sold that iPhones) with a wider screen not a major issue for those millions of people?   Now clearly there are levels. A huge 5" screen is ridiculous, but a slightly wider and taller screen would not have been a bad thing IMO.  People are starting to favor more screen space over the smaller phone profile.  Sales of the larger Android phones bring strong evidence for...
Perhaps Apple has innovated a way to make Sept 12th occur next week?  
This is really dumb.   Even Jobs said Apple takes other people's ideas and makes them better.   If they never went where others were before, they'd never have made any products since there were computers before Apple and phones before the iPhone.   What Apple does is take a product (whether it's new like the iPad or already out there like phones) and makes it great.  The 7" pads out there are complete crap. Apple can take a similar size (note the rumored one is 7.85...
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