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And in other vital news, the world is round.
Lots of LOL here. I do enjoy my Nook Glowlight at night while wife is going up sleep.
As a mini user I have to disagree. While I'd love an RD, not at the cost of weight, bulk, shorter battery and/or heat. The mini is is a compromise that's all about max portability. Taking that away would not be good IMO.
Amazing (or sadly not) how for many this instantly degenerates into a Samsung rant. Can't just discuss the issue and the results/fallout/repercussions for Apple.
Imagine the uproar if two screws moved, or even worse if one was removed altogether. We also have not heard if Apple will offer the newly placed screw in multiple colors.
Apple should focus on battery life. Stop increasing density of pixels, stop making it thinner, make it last longer.
If you can afford to stay at the hotel, the $10,000 is pocket change.
Well, now no one can say Apple doesn't set the gold standard for tablets.
I could see the tablet market replacing the desktop in a few years as they get more powerful and more storage capacity. Eventually you'll have your iPad and just plug in the monitor and keyboard.
New Posts  All Forums: