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While this is way overpriced for most people who require several, hopefully the wireless technology pushes the regulations to catch up to new tech. This will benefit all as other companies will be able to come out w/similar products c
He must have swallowed a Galaxy 2 which cut off his air long enough for BRAIN DAMAGE!!!!
Nice idea, but waaaaaaay too expensive. It's the Lisa of books.
I cannot believe this will be Apple's big upgrade for the year, especially in the mini. If it is, I'm afraid for the future. No none is waiting with baited breathe for a better camera. This will be a (relative) flop IF that's it.
Try reading. I started with "If". Look it up in a dictionary.Second, google Tim Cook's comments on the iMac and it's supply issues. Oh wait, Apple isn't perfect?
Even Cook cited supply issues with the iMac and acknowledged is caused sales of iMacs to go way down. Apple doesn't need to keep supplies tight as they sell at a fixed price whether they have 1 million or 10 million units available.
That's why I started with "If"On the other hand supply issues were definite with the iMac last year. There may be supply issues with the 5s on the fingerprint scanner.
Driving people away from your products is not good strategy for success.
If this is true, it shows huge problems for Apple. Supply constraints have been a problem for Apple (iMac) in the past. If Apple with it's locked up vendors and billions of $ cash cannot get a working supply chain to build its products it has a serious problem. Can't make the product, people will buy crap products instead. Apple is best, but it's not better than nothing.
Oh no's that would mean another screen size to complicate the lives of developers. I mean that's the line yammered over and over when a larger iPhone is discussed.
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