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This was the piece of junk so many here said was a huge mistake, not wanted and was doomed to failure.
The issue is not Apple's profits, which are doing quite well. The long term issue is the market size for each ecosystem. If Android eventually takes the vast majority of the market, that will effect Apple in many ways, all of them bad. They cannot just sit on their laurels and hope for the best (not that I think they are).
You were saying the same thing about the ipad mini for years. Face it, Tim Cook's Apple is not SJ's Apple. We're gonna see new things SJ likely would not have done.More options is not a bad thing. Apple has always had multiple options on the Mac side. Makes sense the iOS side will catch up.
Larger form size, more weight, more heat and less battery life (obviously battery life and weight/size are gonna be related). No thanks.
The loons are out today.
For the umpteenth time, two times per year refreshes make little to no sense for iPhones that are stuck on two year contracts. Not enough people to buy both models. I think Apple does need to go back to splitting up the release times for its products. It keeps interest year round and allows people time to save up for each different item. Valid arguments can be made for both sides of the low cost and screen size debates. Apple will decide which they like better, however...
Problem is biannual updates for iPhones makes no sense. Contracts are two years. How many people are going to buy on an off contract schedule?
Until Cook proves he has what it takes to keep Apple at the top of the innovation ladder these fears will remain. It's only natural. The "news media" needing crap to print keep making it worse and playing off these fears.
Ah yes, the same crew that said Apple will never launch an ipad mini or a larger screen iphone are at it again. They may or may not do this, but the wisdom in it would be to be to capture the low cost market from Android further expanding the iOS reach. The more iOS vs Android you have the less attractive it is for developers to develop for the fractured Android marketplace. You also develop an expanded loyal following.
This seems to be the perfect thread for TS to again tell us what a useless, bad, unwanted, stupid product the amazingly well selling ipad mini is.
New Posts  All Forums: