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This!!!!  No site that I know ejects people for disagreeing with a mod. At least no site with any members.  :lol:
I guess that speaks to personal taste. While I find the iPhone to be a better design (from the looks perspective), Apple is a one look deal. Personal taste may well run to other looks for many people.
You know this for a fact?   He was pretty sick the last year or so. How much he was involved is certainly up to question, as is how much they may have changed from whatever ideas he did input to it since his death.
You do raise some valid points, but it seems the innovations is elsewhere.   In OS and such Apple leads by far, no question.   In hardware, not so much anymore. I would say from a hardware perspective, the latest Nokia Lumia phones have far more innovative hardware that the iPhone 5 does. Everything from the camera to the curved glass screen that works even with gloves.  I'm not saying all the features are great, but they innovated with this hardware. Apple did not do as...
I got that, but considering many of us would have to buy two or three of them that is a lot of money. They might have been generous with the cost or given one with the phone. They are not a poor company.
Considering many of us have chargers/cables at work, in our cars and at home buying adapters would add $60 to $90 plus tax to the cost of buying an iPhone 5.  Buying just the cables would add $40 to $60 to the cost plus tax. That is not chump change.
Total BS. $30 for the adapter is greedy as all get go.
Yep, that's me a Fandroid.  :lol:  I've been using Apple since the mid 80's and have never even owned any other smartphone since the iPhone came out (still won't).    I also love how saying a wider screen automatically means you want a 5"+ screen.  I don't think a slightly wider screen would have been a bad thing for Apple to do.  That's nowhere near a 5"
The greatness of Apple and Jobs was their ability to innovate beyond our wisdom. If we're reduced to giving our ideas of what Apple should be innovating, they're behind the 8 ball.When the first iPhone came out Jobs said he had a 5 year head start. That 5 years is up, and the iPhone 5 today is nowhere close to the innovation the first iPhone was in its day.
You mean to tell me the maximum width you can hold to your ear is the width of the iPhone? Sorry you have deformed micro hands. The one hand claim is operating it you dolt, not holding it to your ear.
New Posts  All Forums: