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I have upgraded two of my three eligible computers to Lion. I don't have any problems with the OS, but downloading it on my home broadband takes 8 hours. This is why I didn't like the whole concept to begin with. The USB stick version should be $10 more to cover costs. I don't know how much if any compression they use in the download file, but it would be nice if it could be (more) compressed.
Not blaming anyone. However, when as a company you are extremely anal and very secretive, you breed these sorts of issues. It's not about blame, but perception and reality. Even if one looked at no rumor's or "analysts" one would wonder why a long term cycle was broken. Sans explanations people create expectations. Ultimately, this will either hurt, benefit or be neutral to Apple's sales which is all that really matters.
IMO if this phone had been released on schedule in July there would be a lot less negativity. I think the delayed release raised expectations.
Why is anyone surprised? Because of "leaks" This was obvious and it is Apple's pattern. Every other year is a design upgrade with a internal component upgrade on the opposite years. They're not trying to get IP4 owners to upgrade. They do a two year cycle. I had a 3G and went to the 4. People with the 3GS will go to the 4S. The phone has nice upgrades that make it an awesome phone. Especially coming from a 3G.
Apple is a profit, not market share driven company. They don't care one iota about numbers like this.
and how long will this take to download?????
Just wondering how long it will take to donwload Lion for example. It takes an hour or so to get the iOS updates. I see this as a huge issue for people. With slower connections one could be tied up for hours downloading major software and then have it time out etc.
Just to pose the devil's advocate question, the magazine companies have my info (address etc) if I subscribe to their magazine as they have to send it to me. Of course if buy it at the newsstand at cover price, they don't have it. If they only want the same info they'd get with a snail subscription, I do see their point. Nothing else should be shared of course.
LINKI though this was interesting and food for discussion on Apple's culture.
A few salient points: 1) As has been pointed out numerous times (and ignored by many in the Kool-Aid crowd) the 3G was sold right up until June of this year. That means it is a current phone, not a two year old obsolete phone. 2) Do I think Apple deliberately tried to brick the 3G, no of course not. I had one and when I upgraded to iOS4 it became very slow and unpleasant to use. 3) Is Apple obligated to provide new OS's for older devices (or indeed any devices), of course...
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