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Cool machine. Price is waaay out of wack and then you add the $1500 he's charging for shipping. No way this is Woz, he's way smarter than that.
I don't think the major issue would be price or competing with Kindle. The issue is form factor and that many people would pay $399 for an 8" vs a 10". If people like the iOS but they need something smaller and more portable than the 10", they will buy it. If people don't need the smaller form, most would spend the extra hundred (or buy the iPad2) for the same price to get the bigger screen. I really do think Porf. Peabody hit the nail on the head with his post...
I'm always amazed and the commentary on this proposed mini iPad. The hate and then the need vs. no need to compete with Kindle etc. How about the fact that many people love the Apple environment, but would get better use out of a smaller form factor. The iPad is great, but a little too big for the things I would use it for. A 7.85" one would make much more sense for many people, myself included. What's wrong with Apple providing a product for those people? It's not even...
You don't think Apple design team is capable of making a 4 " screen in a device that is far superior to the Galaxy crap. I can see them going edge to edge and shrinking the top and bottom to get the larger size in the same or very slightly larger form factor.
I do think they need to increase the screen size. No, they don't need the ridiculous monster Android screens, but a 4"or so in a slightly bigger form factor would be good thing. The extra real estate really does help. In line with Steve Jobs' 5 years ahead comment 5 years ago, I do think they will go for some significant change beyond shape or internal upgrades. Screen size would be the ideal one, along with LTE
The Touch is no better that the iPhone. There is a market for a device that is lighter, can fit into a coat pocket but is bigger than 3.5". There is no reason Apple has to be one size fits all. I do think they will see that market and take it. I think the Touch will either be discontinued or reduced in price (and possibly storage) to make the space for the smaller iPad. It already is a second tier device and is barely upgraded anymore. iPhone gives you the iPod and phone.
I love the hate for the smaller iPad. Perhaps price has nothing to do with it. There is a market for good tablet (not the Android/Kindle crap) that has a smaller form factor. Apple can enter that market and own it too. Apple has the iPhone 4 and 4S, but also the 3GS for free. They have the iPod Nano and the Shuffle They have the MacBook Pro's and had the Macbook for sub $1000 which has now been replaced with the 11" Air. The point is a smaller iPad would not be...
Can someone please explain to me how Jobs could say with a straight face that to type on a 7" screen you'd need to sand your fingers, when Apple has people typing on the same style virtual keyboard on a 3.5" screen I think this would be a good move for Apple if done well. They don't compete with the bottom feeders, but they don't only aim for the very top. That's why they had a $999 Macbook in white for years after they went to the aluminum models. That's why they make...
I have upgraded two of my three eligible computers to Lion. I don't have any problems with the OS, but downloading it on my home broadband takes 8 hours. This is why I didn't like the whole concept to begin with. The USB stick version should be $10 more to cover costs. I don't know how much if any compression they use in the download file, but it would be nice if it could be (more) compressed.
Not blaming anyone. However, when as a company you are extremely anal and very secretive, you breed these sorts of issues. It's not about blame, but perception and reality. Even if one looked at no rumor's or "analysts" one would wonder why a long term cycle was broken. Sans explanations people create expectations. Ultimately, this will either hurt, benefit or be neutral to Apple's sales which is all that really matters.
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