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Major breaking news.
"Because if I don't like it, no one can."
Some suggestions: -Speed scroll to bottom of page, not just the top like current. -Mulitiple accounts per device in iOS, people have been asking for years. -Multi-tasking sucks. It barely works and most of the time does not save your apps in the background. -Update the alerts from red circles to actually being within the icon and maybe a red border color to let you know -Some info in the icon (like the calendar) but for more apps There are many improvements they could...
97% of rumors WERE false under SJ. The percentage of correct ones under Cook, especially the ones that keep cropping up over and over are much higher. Look at the iphone 5 and ipad mini rumors/leaks.
Jeez these people are dumb. If Apple does make an entry level phone, it won't have a bigger screen than the top of the line flagship model. If they do make one, I see it having the same size as the 4 and earlier, without retina. IF!!
Problem w/ retina is size, weight, heat and battery life.
This was the piece of junk so many here said was a huge mistake, not wanted and was doomed to failure.
The issue is not Apple's profits, which are doing quite well. The long term issue is the market size for each ecosystem. If Android eventually takes the vast majority of the market, that will effect Apple in many ways, all of them bad. They cannot just sit on their laurels and hope for the best (not that I think they are).
You were saying the same thing about the ipad mini for years. Face it, Tim Cook's Apple is not SJ's Apple. We're gonna see new things SJ likely would not have done.More options is not a bad thing. Apple has always had multiple options on the Mac side. Makes sense the iOS side will catch up.
Larger form size, more weight, more heat and less battery life (obviously battery life and weight/size are gonna be related). No thanks.
New Posts  All Forums: