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I must start off by saying I ordered one the minute the pre-orders opened. I also did the same for the iphone 5.   That said, I am not worried about the A5 chip as without the retina display it should be more than adequate.   In general, I do question whether Apple is still innovating especially in the OS area. Yes, iOS is the best thing out there by far, but I would like to see some enhancements after 6 years of the same basic look and function.  Yes, there are...
I really enjoy the naysayers who said it would never happen and would be a huge bust, now defending the lack of a sellout.    LOL.   I think this is a great product aimed at a specific market. I think it is a little overpriced, but that's life. I ordered my mini (my first iPad, i bought the wife an iPad 2 a few months ago for work). I never had a need or a use for a full size device. I do have a need and desire for the smaller one.  Glad all the naysayers were...
Ordered my white mini at 0201 CT through ios and was back in bed by 0202. Not sure what the deal is w/ black vs white. I wonder if they sold as fast as expected given black is still available more than 12 hours after launch.
What bothers me far more than the $329 starting point is the total BS of a 100 up charge to double the storage. That's where the rip off is IMO.
Add me in as a definite buyer as long as the price is not above $350 or so. It will make a great travel companion on the train each day, where an iPad is just too big.
Options are always nice. 
I find it hard to believe Apple had the same number of 5's as they did 4S's an sold out 20X faster. It doesn't make any sense.  I think this is a combination of lower supplies for the US (more countries in at launch date IIRC), a better server to handle the load so more people could order faster without getting locked out, and maybe actually fewer in inventory if the supply problems reports are true.   I also love how so many of this forum are completely myopic. One...
This!!!!  No site that I know ejects people for disagreeing with a mod. At least no site with any members.  :lol:
I guess that speaks to personal taste. While I find the iPhone to be a better design (from the looks perspective), Apple is a one look deal. Personal taste may well run to other looks for many people.
You know this for a fact?   He was pretty sick the last year or so. How much he was involved is certainly up to question, as is how much they may have changed from whatever ideas he did input to it since his death.
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