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Yes, this is it exactly. The list of known issues that plagues Apple devices is not huge, but is significant. The number of issues they acknowledge and fix free of charge for their customers is minute.  One example is the large incidence of iPhone 4 users that experience the phone microphone totally malfunctioning. A simple Google search turns up thousands of hits for pages dealing with this. Yet, Apple refuses to acknowledge this is an issue and if it happens to you out...
Still not understanding why video Skype works fine over 3G on the 4, but Facetime won't. Even more important, all this does is make Facetime even less relevant, useful and popular. I use Skype all the time, even when I'm in WiFi, because don't have to change up and back and Facetime brings nothing to the table Skype doesn't give me.  I would think Apple would want to push Facetime to as many users as possible to increase the general use.
Not the point. Of course we upgrade. But to replace a fully functional built in app  with one that is not fully functional is not a good thing. They are still going to be selling/giving the 4 when they next update. Having a fully functional built in map function is not too much to ask for.
I will upgrade when the new one comes out.  I don't need it, but taking out a fully functional component for a not fully functional one is pretty poor.   As for their customer service, yes it has declined precipitously. Yes, they have the genius bar and lost of face to face support. However, Apple's current MO is to deny issues exist and make you pay for replacements even when thousands of people experience the same issue.  There are common problems that occur on their...
This just seems like more Apple crap designed to force users to upgrade, They remove Google Maps and replace it with their own partially functional replacement. What a load of crap. Evidence by Siri working on jailbroken iPhone 4.   Apple's products may be lightyears ahead of where they were 15 years ago, but their customer service/treatment is lightyears behind. And this is from someone who has been using Apple products for over 27 years.
I need a new laptop and keep them for a few years. Wondering if Ivy Bridge i5 with USB 3.0 is a better long term buy than the older i7.   Any advice would be appreciated.   Thanks
Jonathan Ive disagrees.    I agree that function is the top priority, but Ive's position and power in the company shows that appearance is very important to Apple too.
Too simplistic. Obviously the price of an 8" is going to be lower than the 10". However, it does not have to be a huge difference.  Yes, low price point of the Kindle is a factor, but many people I know that use them on public transit also have an iPad. They just don't bring it along because of size and weight. They've already spent the money for the iPad.
Just ask a graphic designer if there is no usability or functional difference between a 17" Macbook Pro and a 13" one.
You miss the entire point of the post. It's not about price points. It's about size form and varied uses.  Just like some people need a 17" Macbook and others need a 13", iOS users do not all need the same size device. There are many people for whom carrying around the full size iPad is not practical. It may be too big, too heavy, take up too much space, require additional cases/bags to carry etc.  Those people would benefit from a smaller form factor.   Once has only to...
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