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Can't wait to see their ad blaming Apple for this fiasco. Another iPad in a hurse maybe? :rotfl:
A year is not a long time to wait. However, both from a public interest as well as giving people time to save for multiple devices makes a release schedule spread thought the year a good idea. iPad, iPad mini and iPhone can all be released one per quarter. At the very least iPhone and iPads should be separated by a few months.
The numbers seem to match the numbers claimed by Apple for Q2. That gives this a little more cred.
BB10 was their last gasp. I think we can safely stick a fork in them.
Never said anything about pundits. Just Apple's own release dates and the supply available after that date. The latest iMac was in ultra short supply for months due to manufacturing issues. The white iPhone 4 was delayed 3/4 of a year due to manufacturing issues. Two examples.
The only problem is Apple's recent history is replete with production delays and issues.
Valid for you. The point of multiple sizes is that for some use by one hand is not their top priority. That's why Apple's computers come in varied sized as do their iPads now. Having varied sized iPhones only increases sales and customer satisfaction.
Apple does seem to have trouble with production quantities of its newer technologies. Invest some of that cash hoard to improve their yields.
Ah, that makes more sense. Thanks.
So you pay $120 for 6 years for nothing and then of T-Mobile is still around and plans are what they are now you can upgrade twice a year? No thanks.
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