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Yep, noticed that too. Also how much worse the MB retina was than the legacy model.
Good, hope we see Ive's fruits soon.
I truly don't understand why Apple switched away from the year round intro of new devices/models. There should be quarterly updates with iPad, iPhone, Mac and iPod/Apple TV etc. One per quarter would be better in so many ways.
Can we repost all the posts of the naysayers who panned the iPad Mini for years here? W/O that, their earnings would have been very different.
Making products that so push the edge that you can't supply them in needed quantities is not a good thing. TC is correct in this case.
Tim Cook is full of shit. There are plenty of high quality displays larger than 4", many on Apple products. As for battery life, make the phone bigger and a little thicker and increase the battery. As for those who are digital.....ly challenged, like TS, keep the 5 form factor too. Bottom line is this is about making phones to satisfy multiple target audiences. Apple gets this with the desktop, with the laptop and even with the iPad. Why it's so hard to grasp OPTIONS...
This is totally unacceptable for a company sitting on over $100 billion dollars. Put a F'ing backup in. Put two backups in. Put in redundancy.
Problem is Apple has set the bar so high even above average performance is considered a loss by many. Until Apple comes out with a whole new (not the mini which is a redesign of existing) and highly successful product line post SJ era, analysts and similar will be reticent on the company.
Another portent of Apple's doom.
Major breaking news.
New Posts  All Forums: