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I needed that once, and couldn't get it. The best I was able to do was take snapshots of the mms screens and then import them into iPhoto. I then was was able to print the images of the the mms screen. Hope this helps
You can go into iTunes and set up to restore to a previous backup of your iPhone before it was lost. This happened to me once and I did that. You will however, lose anything you've done since that last backup.
iPhone is the best. Iphone 4 is the best of the best. That does not mean it's perfect or could not have been made better.
You know what I mean. If you don't drool Apple, many folks here attack you and jump all over you. I think any company can be criticized, and should be when they goof.
Are you for real? Do you really think most people are looking to find "weak spots" so their phones don't work? Apple's "weak spot" happens to be very sensitive, as it is uncovered, and is where many people put their hands. What I don't get is the drooling Apple worship from so many people. I mean, I've used Apple since 87', I love their products and will continue buying from them. Just because you like a company doesn't mean you cant criticize it, and just because you do...
As a connective device, yes. Unless I hold it like a wine glass at a cocktail party, I bridge the gap. It's how I've always held my phone. Of course it's still great for games, pictures, and other apps.
Tell me honestly that you think there would be no difference in attenuation in antennas that actually touch your hand and those that are covered and do not. Apple's giving away of free cases is tantamount to an admission that this is correct. They should have just said so. In my case, I noticed a complete loss of signal. I was not calling, but using the internet. The signal dropped to zero and the connection was lost. This was in multiple places and times. I do not think...
So in your world, people either have to totally like something or totally hate it. Got that. Most of us use a scale of things when rating products and other things in life. I use my iphone 4 in exactly the same places I used my 3G for two years, up until July 6th. I upgraded my 3G to iOS4 the day it came out. I hold my phones the same way. With the 3G I had never had the bars drop to 0. With the IP 4 it happens every time I touch it without the case. This is what we...
I am happy with the phone, because I have a case. IMO a phone should not require a case to work properly. What really bothers me is the BS Jobs is feeding people. There is no question that this problem is far more prevalent on a phone where you're in actual contact with the antenna then when it's internal. All I'd like is some honesty which would do much to restore my trust in Apple.
Yes. I am a right handed person. I noticed the problem most when I would hold the phone in my left hand in the portrait position to type an email etc. That is how I held my 3G and my BB before then. The lower left corner of the phone hits the base below my thumb. Never had this problem with any other smartphone.
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