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I guess they're not worried about selling out supply any time soon.
All new cables and any accessories they may have. With Apple having locked down the lighting tech these things cost much more than the old 30 pin did.I think if they do have a second port one for sure will be lightening. The other may need usb-c or a second lightening.
I find it hard to believe Apple will try to dump the lighting connector so soon after changing to it. A lot of people were upset about having to buy all new stuff. Making them do it again a couple of years later would not go over well imo
Assuming this is real, by no means for sure and Apple creates a 4" to the same specs as the 6S version iPhone and iPhone plus how would they price these both on and off contract? Apple's current price structure doesn't leave room for a lower tier first release phone
Actually no. Two would have been ideal as one could charge the device and have another device connected. You could be charging and hook up a display. Having no available putts whole charging is what bothers me
If they had put two of these on the MacBook that would have been much better
I think this was an amazing interview by Cook and goes a long way to showing that he knows exactly what's he's doing and that Apple is in good hands. I've been a skeptic of that but the recent interviews and actions Apple has taken has gone a long way with me.
I agree with you. I do think like the iPhone and iPad it'll have a four year life span till iOS updates are no longer released and it will be incompatible with new iPhones running that new iOS.A year no. But it will not last the decades high priced collector watches do
You do realize that flip side of your post. If what you're saying were true what incentive would people have to buy a new Apple watch when they're not being improved our upgraded? Either the tech improves, which it most certainly will resulting in obsolescence or development on the watch soups and there us no gen 2
Kind of ironic. I had a nicer Casio solar watch from the 80's. Worked great for years, but you know what you can't get a battery for it anymore. A regular battery doesn't work because it can't keep getting charged. They don't make that kind of battery anymore. So the wind up Rolex might well work but there's a good chance you won't even be able to get a battery for your ancient Apple watch
New Posts  All Forums: