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You do realize that flip side of your post. If what you're saying were true what incentive would people have to buy a new Apple watch when they're not being improved our upgraded? Either the tech improves, which it most certainly will resulting in obsolescence or development on the watch soups and there us no gen 2
Kind of ironic. I had a nicer Casio solar watch from the 80's. Worked great for years, but you know what you can't get a battery for it anymore. A regular battery doesn't work because it can't keep getting charged. They don't make that kind of battery anymore. So the wind up Rolex might well work but there's a good chance you won't even be able to get a battery for your ancient Apple watch
Who uses an iDevice moderately? I know I doubt and nobody I know does and/or gets anywhere near max advertised battery life. Kind of like estimated gas mileage on a car.
Yes it seems the article was confused. The article at the top of this thread is where that info came from
I think the main issue here is this is a whole new category of product for Apple. It's not a new device in their iOS or Mac lineup. It's jewellery. Whether you like it or not is a separate issue. Whether they'll succeed in selling jewellery at these prices also remains to be seen.
Yes I posted that after you made this one. The article in this thread got it wrong and is what my comment was based off of
Both of which can easily be done with the iPhone you have to have on you anyway.
Just as follow up it's not clear of the article is accurate. Per the Apple site it seems the difference if length. 1M vs 2M
Then this article is wrong
Till you're traveling and forget one of them and then you're stuck. If I forget my iPhone charger I can use my iPad charger etc
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