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Oh I don't think they're doing it for the $10. However if the same charger can charge, my iPad, iPhone and iPod I find it hard to believe they couldn't standardize this.
To me the biggest flop is the two different chargers. Really??? They couldn't just make one size so if you and your wife have two different sizes you can use the same charger??
If you look at Apple under Jobs historically that's what they've done. 3G, LTE etc were all adopted by Apple long after Android phones had them. That was because Apple waited until the tech had caught up to required battery life among other things. I wonder if they're rushing this to market a little too early given the battery life constraints.
Why would you bash then?
Reading this thread there's a lot of bashing imo. This watch may well appeal to many people who want to spend less, don't have the need for the advanced features of the Apple Watch or who just want a different look.
Competition is good. Innovation is good. Options are good. Why are people bashing this? Pebble now is where Apple was compared to Windows long ago. Nothing stays the same and no company stays on top forever. In 10 years who knows where each company will be. In the meantime different options are a good thing. Companies that try something new should be encouraged. Especially when they're not blatantly copying ala Samdung
I don't think not upgrading the mini helps their sales. Most people who like the mini size probably skipped this expensive insulting upgrade our lack there of
All I can say is this is great. It may not be a great device but competition breeds advancement. If they are innovating in the battery/power area that can only help drive the whole industry including Apple forward and help us.
What percentage of Apple's profits will come from the watch vs the iPhone and other current type products? Watches will be a tiny fraction so why change all the stores for the minor product line. Make a new area to display them and leave the rest alone or a few tweaks not lounge areas
All well and good except the vast lion's share of sales and profits will come from the iPhone and the iPad far above the Apple watch.
New Posts  All Forums: