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What's missing in all this is that another year has passed without any new innovations from Apple. Since Tim took over the only new thing we've had is fingerprint addition to the iPhone. Aside from that we've only had are size, spec and performance changes/increases. Yes, they are great products, but time for something new.
Oh, I won't and I don't think many will. Have an Incipio case for my mini that cost far less than even just the cover and is much better as a stand than Apple's three fold cover. I'm just surprised at their jacking the price $30 for the Air case. Seems unwarranted.
Oh, and $70 and $80 for the cases is waaaay over the top IMO.
Be interesting to see the ratio of the retina model to the regular with the $100 premium.
Most of this is embarrassing garbage. I do think Apple will come out w/a bigger iPhone in the next year. I expect it to sell alongside the 4" model. Make more people happy and sell more phones. It's win win for them.
But you probably won't spend nearly as much time admiring your smoke detector as you do your car. You probably also won't be driving it often. Cars are status symbols. Smoke detectors are not. Cars are driven and used daily. Smoke detectors are not. Your comparison is invalid.
While this is way overpriced for most people who require several, hopefully the wireless technology pushes the regulations to catch up to new tech. This will benefit all as other companies will be able to come out w/similar products c
He must have swallowed a Galaxy 2 which cut off his air long enough for BRAIN DAMAGE!!!!
Nice idea, but waaaaaaay too expensive. It's the Lisa of books.
I cannot believe this will be Apple's big upgrade for the year, especially in the mini. If it is, I'm afraid for the future. No none is waiting with baited breathe for a better camera. This will be a (relative) flop IF that's it.
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