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Gotta agree here. We don't want the Apple store turning into a new version of Barnes and noble. The idea is for people to come in, browse avg hopefully purchase. Not seeing the benefit to having purple sitting around surfing the web on the store's WiFi. It just takes away room from the products and keeps non customers in longer making crowded stores more crowded
While change can be good, driving out the people behind the most successful retail stores in the world seems somewhat risky.
The price refers to an unlocked iPhone without plan our subsidy.
Yes kind of like the people who were saying what horrid mistake and failure it would be for Apple to make a phone bigger than 4".....
Exactly. I've only used iPhones since the 3g but I do have an unlocked Android for overseas trip. Since I'm able to sell my two year old iPhones for what I paid for them I'd rather use the cheap Android the few times I'm overseas and get that high iPhone resale value
As there are less and less obvious new areas to bring products to like iPad etc Apple is showing that they're on the ball by upping r&d to find newer areas that are less obvious but cost more to find and develop.
If it really does have all this your post is the first I've seen that remotely justifies the product.
Looking at and using your 🍎 watch while driving is just as distracting as a phone. Please don't.
Sorry gotta laugh at that one. I don't remember a time sleeping during shift that tones didn't drop multiple times at night. Some shifts you wind up running almost a full 24 hours.
Or the "experts" who said Apple should never make a phone bigger than 4"..
New Posts  All Forums: