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Sorry gotta laugh at that one. I don't remember a time sleeping during shift that tones didn't drop multiple times at night. Some shifts you wind up running almost a full 24 hours.
Or the "experts" who said Apple should never make a phone bigger than 4"..
Simplest solution is to offer an iPod touch with a much larger capacity like 256 gb that would satisfy almost everyone. Almost all classic purchasers are doing so for the capacity not the form factor.
Chromebooks are fine for what they do. I've been an Apple/Mac user since the mid 80's. However when I needed a light weight laptop to go online I purchased a Chromebook for $200 instead of a Mac air for $1000. While it will never replace my MacBook Pro it does the job I need it did just fine at a fraction of the price. I can week see how schools and the students will benefit from these.
Writing is a vital skill to have in the business world. Kids today are much less able to write grammatically correct and coherent papers. That is having a big effect on their employability.Most iPad apps in the education area are geared toward the lower grades.
Cost cost cost. That's the driving force behind Chromebooks vs Mac Airs and even iPads. You can get at least 5 Chromebooks for one Air. You can get two for one iPad. IPads have many great uses. In education I would say currently they have a lot more potential than functional use. Education apps are not nearly as robust as they should/need to be. Textbooks are still mostly paper hard cover behemoths. For browsing many of the education sites are still using flash which...
I agree. The only thing is that a cash strapped School district can far more easily buy a thousand Chromebooks at $200 that the same number of Mac airs at $1000 a pop. Just not realistic on today's tight budgets
Writing is one of the most vital skills our kids need to learn so yes typing and papers are crucial. I'm not taking about solving problems with prose.Also there are sadly very few text books on the iPad. I wish there were but alas they are still hard books for the vast majority.
I'm not surprised. The iPad is a great device but for students who will do a lot of typing is far from ideal. It's also much more expensive and even more so if you add a keyboard.
I wonder if they tell the car companies kids will die because they're not using the latest possible tech no matter the Vogue cost. Idiots.
New Posts  All Forums: