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I think it's a good start. Comfort and improved styling will likely make the second Gen better. The GPS is big point that the Apple Watch is missing.
The non Apple approach to the electronic business. Spend money to lose more money. LOL
I agree with you. Here's the thing, the person who bought that extensive watch still wears it and shows it off/enjoys it 20 years later. Wearing a 20 year old Apple Watch would not be so impressive. Kind of like carrying around a first gen Motorola brick phone today.
With the vulnerability of usb that's recently come out, I wonder if this could port problems to iOS devices
I think it is very different than prior products. The iPhone's innovation is obvious. The iPad gave us a device that was fully portable and had a big enough screen to do actual work, which the iPhone could not. The watch, I'm missing it. You still need the iPhone with you, so what does a coupe of square inches on your wrist do for you that the iPhone doesn't do better
Dunno what you're talking about. People buy expensive watches as a status symbol. The functionality is no better than a $25 watch. Apple Watch will be bought for its functionality and that will change fairly quickly making the one you bought two or three years ago obsolete. It's the more capabilities that make it vulnerable to obsolescence. Case indeed closed
But the function of your Breitling was not and will not be surpassed by a new model every year or two. The Apple Watch will be. A Breitling bought 30 years ago is just as functional as one bought today. That will not be true of the Apple Watch or any other so called smart watch
Same chip though and that's what this thread is about
I agree. I did put that caveat in further up in the thread. However, even if it is upgradable if the form factor changes it will have an effect on how people view their watch.
He's already said they won't disclose sales figures since they're lumping it in with tv and other misc products
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