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Agreed. That's why I find the 30 to 40 million chip order highly unlikely.
No but it won't run the latest apps or the newest OS. For many that's a big deal especially on a device that may cost up to five grand.
Based on Apple's past numbers for new products (iPhone, iPad) and the hype they're giving the watch, it's hard to see less than 10 million being anything but a failure.
Based on it being a first gen device that brings little to the table that the iPhone, wick you have to have with the watch anyway, doesn't already do. Unless the chips are upgradable this will be obsolete within two years. What major functionality did it bring that would make one want to spend $350 and way up to buy one?
An iPad has significantly more functionality than does the watch. Almost every function on the watch is already present inn the iPhone which you need anyway with the watch. The iPad stands on its own and has functionality that cannot be duplicated elsewhere. Two totally different areas of use
If true, and that's a big if, that's a very very overly optimistic number for this device imo. First gen devices that most don't really need to order components in iPhone numbers. I have a hard time believing Apple world do that.
I don't think so. The big difference is the phablet requires a two year (our variations there of) cellular phone contract or paying a fortune for an unlocked device. That is why the iPad including the mini will be fine.
Let's not forget not every Apple product has been a success. I think this will sell like hotcakes for a short period then drop precipitously as people realize it really doesn't do a whole lot for them that their iPhone 6, which is always with them doesn't already do for them.
Here's a prediction. The Apple Watch will sell like hotcakes. Then it will take a huge dive in sales as people realize they're spending a lot of money for a watch that needs recharging daily (another thing to forget when you're rushing out the door in the morning)and really does very little the iPhone they already have with them 104% of the time doesn't already do for them. I do believe future iterations may be a better buy, but this one seems like a product for the rich...
Free without contract probably still wouldn't be enough to move these paperweights
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