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This will be an epic fail. Apple is the only one with a trustworthy workable system.
This is long overdue. For a company with billions of $$$ that charges a premium price for what is supposed to be premium products they should be in the lead as far as helping their customers when component failures become a common issue. Instead they're one of the most stingy in this area. I don't mind paying the premium prices but I expect premium service. In the last few years there have been a number of flaws in everything from iPhone to MacBooks that Apple has...
This. Even more so given that No Skills is almost always wrong yet never learns. You can disagree nicely. It's vastly worse when you're constantly a rude ass and constantly wrong to boot.
Still a place for the iPod. Classic can die , just upgrade the touch to A7 then A8. Make it 128gb While their use had declined kids still use them as do people who don't want to full their phones with music our drain the battery listening or watching. There is no great expense in updating the iPod touch as the r&d costs are mostly born by the iPhone and iPad which the iPod would share 90% of its components with. I understand dumping the classic but not the refusal to...
Valid point. Still the new battery is smaller. I will have to look and see if I can find benchmarks for the Air with cellular
The Engadget review benchmarks show a two hour drop. Here is the linkhttp://www.engadget.com/2014/10/21/ipad-air-2-mini-3-review/
At least one of the reviews shows a two hour decrease in the Air 2 vs the Air.
Not at all. I'm not advocating fat phones and tablets. We've never had an update that lowered battery life over the previous iteration. Now for the first time we do. The Air was very thin and an awesome form factor. There was no need to make the Air 2 even thinner at the cost of two hours of battery life.Same with the iPhone 6. No need to make it thinner than the 6+. Keep them both the same and give them equivalent our close to equivalent battery life.
The other major issue IMHO is that Apple seems really stuck on thinner which is really dumb. For the Air 2 to have significantly less battery life than the Air just to make it thinner is a bad choice. Same with the iPhone 6. Maker it as thick as the 6+ and improve the battery life. Thinner is not always better.
If that's the case there's going to be a lot of very angry people who will have bought the Mini 3 before this mid stream update. If this is a place holder they should have added the finger print scanner and either held the price or upped it $25 till the A8 version was ready.
New Posts  All Forums: