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CM is waiting for the Dec 18th huge announcement of the upgraded network. They are in, according to informed sources - it is just timing of the announcement, which Apple has been mum about, deferring to CM to not take away their limelight.
Samsung:  "We did not use any performance-enhancing techniques"  Sounds vaguely familiar in other performance arenas.  Maybe Samsung can get some of these similarly discredited athletes to testify for them.
I believe transmogrify came from Calvin & Hobbes. Calvin built one out of a cardboard box to create clones to do all his chores and go to school so he could play with Hobbes.
We have Pandora here in the office, and I have it on my iPhone. I'm getting tired of listening to the same assortment of songs on the couple of stations I listen to. Has anyone listened long enough on iTunes Radio to discern whether the assortment is large enough for a particular station to not get bored? I would have to think Apple has way more tunes under license than Pandora, by virtue of its catalog, but would like to know for sure.
As with T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon, they have to sign up for a large amount to insure enough stock. I've not heard whether DoCoMo did this in sufficient numbers, but wouldn't be surprise to hear they were too timid to buy enough -- if so, they deserve to lose customers - plain and simple.
Sorry bout that. I just emailed a vivid Google map of our position over Iceland at 38,000 ft. Google maps were indispensable on my trip to Europe. Never needed cell or wifi coverage really - just downloaded Google map of the current region at hotel or wifi hotspot along the way, along with planned public transit, and GPS was quite enough to never get lost even without cell or wifi. Along with Navigon app, I was always "situationally aware" as we pilots like to say. Being...
Hi Dick,I'm sitting right now in Prague airport trying to figure out where the kiosk is for me to check in to my Lufthansa flight. Would be great to have built-in to my European Navigon stand-alone GPS app a version for navigating the airport, complete with flight status updates on the fly should I have cell or wifi coverage, of course, all tied into Apple's Passbook. A boon for frequent travellers and Apple geeks alike! Dan
Absolutely Dick (hi)I'm sitting in Prague airport right now trying to figure out where the kiosk is that I'm supposed to use to checkin. Would help to have a stand-alone GPS app that delivers indoors.
Hey - starwars worked for Reagan, USSR gave up trying to keep up with vaporware defense hoax
What ... No airbag? Worked on Mars! Tiny deployable parachute?
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