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This article fails to mention that the $275/month flat rate is very much limited. You can pay $275/month, but it is limited to the first $250K, then the 2.75% rate applies - this means many small businesses cannot use the service and save money, as 2.75% is a lot more than many businesses pay for swipe fees on average.
Every unsubsidized iphone5 from ATT has been unlocked from Apple since they were first available in Apple's stores. They just never advertised it, but if you asked, they admitted it. Fact. I know because I bought mine on the first day, and verified it with ATT and Apple later.
Hey - if it's getting scratched, you're just holding it wrong.....
Hasn't LED pretty much replaced the high-end LCD displays anyhow?  The ads say that the "green" LED's are better energy-wise.  I still have my Sharp LCD, which continues to be amazing 5 years later.
It won't be long until the tiny chip embedded in the cable will be more powerful than the computer used to land the lunar module (and that pooped out at the last minute or so, due to overload).  Amazing.
Actually, the most inappropriate physical activity you can do with an android cellphone is to actually use it.
Gee, and you can "tap" your android phone with your best friend, and get more than you bargained for.   By the way, does ANYONE know any actual people who have used this well-advertised "advantage" over iphones?  Neither have I.   Do we now need some "safe sex" cellphone ads now?
What happens when they get out of control........Infectious Apple nanites destroy civilization !!
Whatever happened to good-ole Bakelite? (polyoxybenzylmethylenglycolanhydride - now that's a mouthful).   I can hear the Apple-haters already about delamination of iphones.   (Drum Roll Please):     "Delami-gate"      (has a nice ring to it, don't you think?)   Too bad they can't use the name Carbonite (which was used in encasing Han Solo), and which is now a data backup company.   Just found out they could use Carbomite (from one of my favorite Star Trek...
Didn't they tell you to never eat yellow-hued iphones?
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