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Nah - home movies are not meant to bore others - haven't posted it anywhere. Thanks for the kind request.Yeah, I've been predicting to my son that Final Cut X will be out on the ipad3, assuming they update to the A6 chip. Toward the end of my editing, the iMovie moved like molasses on my ipad2, so it is not ready for heavy duty editing yet - but we can count on Apple to move it there when it is ready for prime time - can't wait.Like the iphone tripod. I'll let you know how...
Hope Apple comes up with a mute button (a la Twilight Zone) that you can point at your offending persona. Wow - haven't seen such arrogance in awhile here at AI.
LOL. Hi Dick - you have a great memory. Yeah, I had more problems with the proximity sensor than with downloading issues. Hope the 4S has solved such issues. Also bought one for my son, who couldn't get reception where he lived in Emeryville (lives in Santa Clara now, with better reception).Am looking forward to the camera. Just spent hundreds of hours doing a 30 minute iMovie on my iPad2, of my trip to Europe with family. Awesome shots, all done with my iphone4. Looking...
Are you kidding me? You mention Ron Paul, but you say that one is "meant" to only have a new phone every two years? Disconnect here. Did you seriously do everything your Mom told you to do, much less listen to mindless corporations who have established that 2 years is what it takes to get their profit up to what "they" consider appropriate?Anyhow, I didn't listen, and talked ATT into upgrading me at 1 year, for the "normal" price. Powers of persuasion, for sure. I wanted a...
Sold my black 16gb iphone4 for $355 on ebay (jailbroken). Most are getting $340-370. Sweet.
Rest in peace in your own cloud, surrounded by loved ones.
Surrendering is always an option.
From Men in Black: Old and Busted (3G).....New Hotness (5).
That will have to take second place to the HP way of destroying a company.
Desperate times require Desperate measures. However, the answer seems to come from Disparate minds.
New Posts  All Forums: