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I'm sure Steve would rather have it tethered to another part of his/her anatomy, which would make it even more unlikely to be left behind on a barstool (Ouch).
Excellent and logical.
Wouldn't they want repeaters to also activate phones on the cloud, rather than going over to the sprint store or using a (God forbid) landline for activation (soooo 2007).
Yeah, I just finished a 30 minute iMovie home "movie". The software is barely useable at that level, having to wait while finger keystrokes catch up in the processor. If Apple decides to significantly upgrade iMovie for the ipad3, then a significant increase in speed is called for. I assume Final Cut X is Apple's vision of being eventually available on ipads. Already Hollywood likes the use of ipads in film production right on the set, so this makes sense to try to develop...
Everyone seems to forget you have to have redundant panel-mounted avionics, both of which must work, in order to even file a commercial IFR flight plan and takeoff. You use THESE for navigation and communication, not the ipad. The ipad just provides situational awareness. Approach plates are built into your panel avionics, so losing your ipads would not have any effect on these primary systems.
Dick, hi no i use my old laminated card for preflights, except for weight and balance app. I use Foreflight on the ground for flight planning and weather briefing. Seems the ipad only gets in the way for preflight stuff. Only use logbooks for maint stuff. Foreflight is also looking into ADS-B traffic displays but all this stuff, and weather nexrad would require two more inflight communications systems different from typical internet connectivity, so it seems far off for...
Foreflight. Definitely much better and more sophisticated than Jeppesen, even compared to the newest version of Jeppesen. Get the geo-referenced version and the ipad2 is a must due to better GPS reception than ipad1. No need for external GPS antenna with ipad2.
I just flew across country in my private plane, using the ipad as my SOLE source for charts and plates (with backup paper, just in case). Worked beautifully, and flew many instrument approaches without a hitch. Had a charger, but didn't need it, because on the long stretches of straight and level flight, you can easily close the smart cover, to conserve battery power, if you need to, and you don't need to look at the charts except when changes to routes occur, or during...
Since Google had such suckcess with its G1 phone, do they really think they can rebrand a Google phone that the carriers will want to carry? Do they really want to compete with HTC, MS-Nokia, HP, and Apple on handset profits? Plus, they don't have a retail store strategy, so they must be buying Moto to get the patents after all.
I've used Navigon, both here and in Europe, for turn-by-turn. Great experience. Price for US version is reasonable, whereas the European version was more pricey, but absolutely essential if you are driving there.You don't need the extra charges for the 3D effect, or for traffic, in my opinion, although some may find it useful if you are commuting - but then again, you typically don't need traffic for day to day navigation, and I use it for out of town use mostly.I also...
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