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Isn't that a bit premature, although preferable to ED
You nailed it. Short sellers have been trying to drive down Apple lately, and they have been very successful, especially when they convinced the nasdaq 100 to rebalance their Apple pecentages in that and other ETF's. Don't forget that high short interest is actually a bullish sign, since at some point, the short interest must be settled with buy orders. It has always been a very good "contrary" indicator, for very sound reasons. If Apple ever jumps a significant amount,...
I was amazed that my iPad2 gave accurate altitude data on my plane trip to Vegas last weekend. The Foreflight App for pilots was within 200 feet of accuracy on the trip, which is much better than my old Garmin unit, which was accurate to around 500 feet. Having dedicated GPS apps has made my plane and auto trips enjoyable, without having to worry about cell tower or wifi coverage.
I also use Navigon (and will use Navigon Europe on my trip next month). I also did not opt for the extra fee for traffic "info", for the same reasons, and I've heard it's not quite ready for prime time. Not sure where TomTom and Navigon get their traffic data, but I know many companies are working (and Apple also, as announced) on a better way to gauge traffic. If it were really accurate, gathering speed and location info on thousands of cars, then I would feel it would...
Must be alien hands. Wonder if this is the "correct way" to hold the phone?
Is this the mysterious May event launch? iTunes streaming/MobileMe event?
OMG!! And I've been using 300 baud all this time on my BBS! Guess I'll have to upgrade my dial-up connection.
Still waiting for the unlock for 4.3.1, so I can use a German SIM card when I travel to Europe in May. Perhaps they will probably wait now a little longer, after 4.3.2, before figuring out the unlock software (it seems they have taken a long time for this unlock, but can't remember for sure; is Apple getting better at locking down the baseband for ATT?). Makes me angry that everywhere else in the world you can get an unlocked iphone - just not here.
I read somewhere that if you turn off the Ping feature, it might help somewhat on battery drain - not sure, but I never use Ping anyway, so turned it off on my IP4.
Does your MyWi work OK with wireless tethering for your iPad2? Why do you also need Bluetooth tethering (purchased inside which app?), if you already have wifi tethering through MyWi? I'm going to try this myself, so would like to know. Also would like to know if you've gotten the dreaded text message from ATT, warning you of your scandalous activity.
New Posts  All Forums: