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Yeah, I couldn't believe my ears at ATT, when I asked them about an upcoming trip to Germany, Switzerland, and Italy. I have an iPhone 4, and an iPad2. I would like to use the iPhone 4 as a hotspot on the upcoming vacation. Has anyone had any experience with jailbreaking an iPhone 4 (with 4.3.1 iOs) so you can use your phone as a hotspot and connect your iPad to it? Can you get such a sim card that allows you to hotspot connect and pay for data usage (as well as make...
Let's hope that the aforementioned app doesn't become a best-selling app!
Geez, a downgrade yesterday from a low-rent firm, followed by several upgrades today. The big guys just love to raid your stops, and get a terrific buying opportunity just ahead of earnings next month. I much prefer this article, which speaks to the old buy and hold mantra (Apple is my only buy and hold stock, for sure). http://seekingalpha.com/article/2581...and-hold-stock
Those in line that were over 4 ft tall, either male or female, who knew what day of the week it was, recognized that Apple was not just a fruit, able to pronounce their own name, and who weren't in line to wait for the Justin Bieber film, comprised this very scientific study, which was significant to the p-value of 1.00 (look it up). But wait....back at you with a similar EVEN more scientific study tomorrow, or not.
You might want to rethink the White version. See the article by John Gruber at Daring Fireball, who said the white one was very distracting to read with. That is why TV's all have black borders, to minimize distractions. Matter of personal taste in some cases, but distractions when reading can be annoying, in spite of how good the device looks.
Wow, what does Unicorn Poop even look like (I'm guessing white, which is why Jobs has had so much trouble getting enough for the mystical iphone). Actually, it sounds like the name of a band.
Interestingly, the iPad is not recommended over 10,000 ft, even though it is obviously not because of problems with disk drives, which can fail due to thinner air, but probably due to overheating (which Apple must have tested). Not too much of a problem for general aviation types, because most final approach segments are flown below 10,000 ft. I assume the FAA has tested ipads to NOT cause electronic interference, otherwise they would not have certified their use in...
Nope mine is a turbo B36TC. Straight tail. Sweet.
Dick, is that your Ercoupe? Lots of folks are flying planes with bubble canopies, but they are hot as hell, so I like my air-conditioned Bonanza just fine. Can't stick my head outside, but I do ask that my friends who smoke do so outside the cockpit.
Glare off the screen is not as much of a problem as you would think, because you usually have it mounted on your leg (with a velcro strap) or on the console or co pilot seat, and you can easily tilt it if you get reflections. So-called "Glass Cockpit" displays have the same issues, but have been made more anti-reflective to cut down on this problem, and use better screens to mimimize off-angle viewing difficulties. Polarized glasses cause a few problems with certain...
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