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Could you order one directly from the Verizon store in person, similar to what ATT provided last June during the pre-order period, or were they prevented from taking online orders in the stores?
This mirrors the ATT launch last June - almost exactly. Wonder what the pre-order numbers were, compared to ATT last year? When I ordered mine at the ATT local store then, it was already sold out online, but the ATT store got my order in the system by 1pm that day, just before they had to stop taking in store orders. Mine was delivered by mail the day before the official launch a week later, even though they warned that it may take longer than 10-14 days to ship. ...
I'm only surprised they didn't use the marketing gimmick: Call NOW....the first ten fools..., er, customers who call will receive the deal. But you must call now (operators are standing by - actually unfathomable voice-mail is standing by to further frustrate you). I just spent 2 HOURS trying to get my office ATT account straightened out, after two previous hour long calls last week, so I don't think I'll be rushing to the phone to take advantage of this "bargain".
Is that a Galaxy Tab in your pants, or are you just happy to see Charlie Sheen's porn star?
Yeah - my experience also, but I hardly have to use the flash anyway, with the HD pics being so good without it.
But.....where are they - oh, you say the Dog ate them?
Why is it that no one has mentioned that the previous white phones showed scratches very easily, when compared to the black phone (I owned both a black 3G and a white 3GS), and the white 3GS looked like crap when I sold mine on ebay to upgrade to the iPhone 4. I wonder what the "new" white paint job will look like once the normal wear-and-tear scratches start to show?
Wonder how long before we have "Dueling Banjos" speed comparisons between iPhone 4's from the two carriers - side-by-side at the same spot....wait - we are right next to a (ATT or Verizon) cellphone tower, so the competitor's phone looks much slower, and we get youTube videos ad nauseum with these comparisons, until the lame Consumer Reports gets to put their drivel in the news again. (I can hear it now - "We can't recommend EITHER phone, even though both are the best of...
Excellent observations on human behavior. I expect that the numbers switchig to Verizon from ATT will be MUCH less also, due to the faster data speeds on ATT (which have just been upgraded here in the Bay Area in the last couple of weeks). Also, I believe that ATT folks will want to see how the Verizon network holds up under the strain, since that has been the whole "reason d'etre" for doing the switch in the first place, and the plan costs are so similar as to make the...
Kodak, Xerox, Wang, Singer, Blockbuster, AOL, etc, etc - words synonymous with the companies whose products they excelled with, but whose vision was sorely lacking.
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