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Looks like last year's Google TV remote, only better designed with fewer buttons!
Nah - they got them from Samsung.
Thanks for the helpful information.  I assume you mean you did this through your laptop/desktop?  I had no luck getting through on my windows PC, nor my ipad3, but when I first tried from my iphone, I got through the first try.  Can you go into private mode on the safari on the iphone (how is this done)?  This would be helpful to know for future reference.
My suggestion is to do just what I did, if you don't want to wait a month, and live near an Apple store: go the Apple store, cancel the order, and visit the store again after the 21st - last year, almost everyone who did so on the morning of the release walked away with a phone.  At least you won't have to wait a month.  If you are getting a subsidized phone, you can also visit the carrier directly, after you have cancelled your Apple order, that is.
When did you place your order on the 14th, and did it immediately say the shipping date was 2 weeks?
Target does NOT have the iphone5 (I just checked, both online and through their order phone number).  Please let me know how you were able to preorder one - I think you were given incorrect information.   Things I know (I checked at the stores): Walmart: they will only have subsidized phones available after the 21st (they didn't get unsubsidized 4S phones for sale until 3 months ago, so Apple is controlling inventory tightly until supplies get good enough to release to...
Please wait until 12:05 am, so I can get online.  I need to start the rumor that the system won't be up and running until later.
Yes it renews the agreement, because you are getting a subsidized phone (the unsubsidized 64gb phone would be $850), so you are getting a $200 subsidy - therefore, ATT requires you to renew your contract for another 2 years.  I am in the same boat, and decided to buy an unsubsidized 64gb phone from Apple for $850, because next october, 2013, I will be out of my 2 year contract, will be able to get a completely subsidized iphone6, and will be able to get my iphone5...
Alright - if you two don't stop fighting, I'm gonna have to separate you.  Don't make me come back there, if you know what's good for ya.
Up until the last uncalled for insult, the post summed it up pretty well - you didn't need the last paragraph, which reflects badly on your attempt at educating someone who posed a question that many may have, but which many may not have thought through entirely.  Keep the personal insults to yourself.
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