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Yes - that's the full subsidized price for a 64gb phone ($199 for 16gb/$299 for 32gb/ and $399 for 64gb).
This is NOT true.  Unsubsidized GSM phones (from ATT at least) aren't available immediately unlocked from Apple - I called them to check again.  They have a delay in providing unlocked phones, and charge extra for them.  If I remember correctly, it was a couple of weeks before they started making them available.   Also, Verizon is making a HUGE mistake not grandfathering folks into unlimited data plans, which ATT is wisely doing, and garnering good will among its historic...
Yeah - for sure.   Anyone know the difference in thickness/size between micro-USB and the new 9pin connector?  Are both digital?  I remember the recent ultra-book that had a VGA connector, which stuck out as the thickest part of the housing - looked horrible, all in the name of using video projectors which had not been updated to HDMI.   Warning: Old Fart Reminiscence:  Sheesh.  How come the ipad3 doesn't have a 5 1/4 inch floppy disk tray?  I really miss playing all my...
Don't you imagine they will come out with a "new-improved" AV connnector (for another $70 or so), for those of us who have tried AppleTV, and taken it back, again and again, due to disappointment.  I will miss not having the iphone-TV HDMI connectivity, but will just hang onto my ipad3 for connection, when playing back slide-shows and movies, since I have all pics and movies synced on both devices.   HDMI wired connectivity is certainly a pain, but beats the wireless...
Wish they would - that way no one in Europe can get one - more for the world to buy, since they sell all they can make anyhow.  What next - "European Union requires Flash Players on all i-devices"?
Just wait for Samsung to copy it, for $10 (maybe even wait for Samsung to say this was a "natural evolution" of cables - "prior art" if you will, to keep from getting sued).
I am a pilot who uses the ipad3 (also had an ipad2) and iphone4S in the cockpit all the time.  The GPS signal is rock solid, as long as you have a relatively clear line-of-sight between the unit and the window, sighting up toward the satellites.  You don't really need an outside or Bluetooth external antenna, although it certainly wouldn't hurt. Once it locks on, you can even put the ipad3 on the floor of the co-pilot's side, and it still works OK, even though you have...
Or: Siri: " Nina looks fat on that Android phone, but oh-so svelte on this iPhone. However, I can't tell the difference with the Samsung phone."
I can just see the Apple hater headlines now:  "iPhone Bluetooth hearing aids cause brain cancer" (let's all break out the tin-foil hats, shall we?).
The carriers are absolutedly salivating at the thought of the data revenue they will make on LTE network usage - most will blow through $50/month plans in 30-45 minutes of LTE video usage.  I can hear the parents screaming already at the bill they will get - reminds me of the first call minute overage charges I got on my son's first cellphone - ah yes, those were the days.
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