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Why would you use Facetime for audio only - hello, they call it "cellular phone service" - that old favorite we all used to use a lot, unless you are bumping up against the antiquated call minutes limit, and need to use wifi on facetime?  This is what makes it so confusing to consumers - trying to get around the antiquated pricing structure that we now have, while trying not to get gauged too badly by the shark carriers.
Yeah - but for how long, once ATT gets their hands on the iphone5, with LTE capability.  Once they do away will unlimited, the collusive giants will have their way with all of us.  The days of unlimited data are numbered, I'm afraid.
Throttling and messages will "magically" disappear once they do away with the last "unlimited" plan.  They will encourage you to use all the data you want, and watch the slow network complaints return, just like the complaints awhile back about lousy slow data coverage until they magically decided to do away with unlimited plans for new subscribers (they then turned on the so-called 4G speedier network just prior to the iphone4s arrival.   ATT is a shark of the worst...
  I had a Samsung Exec in my chair last week - fitted him with the perfect glasses for his next board meeting.
  In Honor of our troops on July 4th - What's that you say, no more Walkie Talkies -- let them eat Galaxy Notes !
You nailed it.  Even 4 inches will not work for those with small hands, but 3.5 inches works for most everyone.   Has anyone talked to any app developers, who must be tearing their respective hairs out trying to match the graphics of each game to each device - sheesh.
Well, at least Google is fairly transparent in trying to monetize web searches on the mobile platform.  Don't see Internet Explorer doing the same thing yet.  Wonder if Facebook is making their own browser to try to garner some mobile-ad dollars?  Please just stay AWAY from my browsing history, and quit plastering and pestering me with ads that are "tailored" to my every whim  - my whim is NOT having a single ad on ANY device I use, unless I start a search myself.
Geez  - you must have flunked out of business 101.  This is actually very appropriate, protective business practice - to do otherwise is to bury you head in the sand, which, now that you brought it up, is EXACTLY what RIM did (as well as Nokia also).  Their behavior is actually characterized in business parlance as "bad behavior".  Doing nothing, in the face of obvious competition, is the same as making the wrong competitive choices.  And, by the way, the term "Free...
Have used one since it first came out, with this suggestion:  If you live by yourself, the only feature you will use is the ability to control it from your phone/workPC.  I had to turn off the auto-learning feature, because it couldn't anticipate my erratic schedule in getting home and leaving, and I had to manually overide it almost daily. Had to go to timed programming (turning off the auto learning feature) which is equivalent to that of all modern electronic...
Really quite simple.  Now that the carriers have done away with unlimited plans, they are encouraging as many folks as possible to upgrade and use all the 3G or 4G they can.  Since most, if not all, of the iphone4 plans expire this year, and were unlimited data plans, they get to entice you to upgrade to get Facetime over the cellular network, and take you to the cleaners in data charges.  Remember when the carriers wouldn't "allow" Apple to use 3G for Facetime, saying...
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