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Good question, because it has been shown that the Black model is actually easier to read with, in general (most of my patients who have them agree).
I've tried everything - the wifi connection between the ipad2 and the AppleTV is the problem in mirroring, and is apparently the weakest link, even though the A4 chip may be partly to blame (?). I have my doubts that the new AppleTV will do any better, even with the A5 chip, since it still depends on a robust wi-fi connection (mine is excellent), and wonder whether having a faster chip will make any difference.I'm quite sure that Steve Jobs knew that the wi-fi needs to be...
I ordered my 64GB (black) yesterday, even though the website was clunky at best. I listed my 64GB ipad2 on Ebay, and have noted that used similar Verizon models are selling for $100-$150 less than comparable ATT models. This may explain why ATT is selling out this quickly. I think the word is finally out that ATT's data is indeed much faster than Verizon. You can actually get connected in San Francisco, not so a little over a year ago, before the 4S came along (and ATT...
They need another category - thrown away or scrapped - which would show how Apple products are seldom merely discarded, and keep their value well beyond any android or blackberry product. How many competitors' products are sitting in the back of drawers among discarded electronic junk? I have sold my iphones (sold 3 over the last two years) for$280, $330, and $360. Anyone want to guess what the "latest" one-year-old android or blackberry would sell for?
No dispute on the chart, but I think there was concern about your definition of "niche". I don't think anyone would characterize 28% as a niche, would you? Perhaps you would like to venture a WAG on the actual percentage of iphones in such and such a year?Even if you do - this is a fool's errand, and accomplishes little, since WAG's are just that, and discouraged unless backed by reasonable data.
"There you go again (with apologies to Ronny R)". What's with the facts already? - don't confuse the troll with facts. If we are accused of sticking our fingers in our ears, maybe he is just covering his eyes when he sees a chart like this (you know, Monkey see, monkey do, etc - with apologies to our simian friends).
So - you won't subject them to the "porn" called Windows? Hope they don't have to work around any of this "junk" - maybe by the time they get jobs, Microsoft stuff will just be a distant memory.I can just hear you waxing all techie nostalgic in a bedtime story to the kiddies: "When I was your age, I had to reboot my windows PC at least 3 times everyday, and had to suffer the blue screen of death on numerous occasions. And, I actually had to use a device to interact with it...
Trouble with firesales (eg HP), is that you can sell it at a loss, but you can't make it up in ancillary sales, as Amazon is doing with the Kindle Fire - which they so much as admit they are selling at a loss. Better to give them away to disadvantaged folks to give them a gateway to the internet, and at least salvage some goodwill from a disastrous business venture.And, after all, the form factor is much too big for my stocking, as Steve would have predicted ("Tweeners...
NO - you may not, and due diligence would have told you so.
Hey, the new Razr advertises Kevlar-like backing. Maybe someone can take all the banned Razr's, stitch them together, and use them as flak jackets - handing them out to all the protesters.
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