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Try a hard reboot, and turn off the time zone setting location service - that seemed to solve my occasional problem.
Google will obviously have a different definition for Evil than you or I. ("I did NOT have sex with that woman , however, I did have a relationship with a cigar"- a great example of parsing words from a do-no-evil politician.
I am male, have 7 guinea pigs, and play Real Racing 2 HD on my ipad2 -- how did they know?
I'm surprised that Garmin, or some other GPS device company, hasn't already done so, because these devices were using mobile technology in the 90's, or maybe even before. Must be more to this story for sure.
The gecko is speaking cockney english, which is the basis for all Australian dialects. I just assumed the gecko was Australian, but he may be from the U.K.
So now the Geico mascot can own an iphone 4S, and use Siri just like the rest of us? I would have to guess that Cockney English would also have been a problem for Siri, but no information on whether that has been a problem in the U.K.
I've flown across country using the ipad2 for navigation in real instrument conditions. It is sharp enough to read all relevant data. Sharper displays would certainly improve readability, but are unnecessary for safe usage of enroute and approach charts.
I work about 5 blocks from where he lived in Palo Alto. The PA police are obsessive about giving tickets to tag-less cars (we all call them the parking "nazis"). I tried to keep from installing tags on the front of my XKR Jag, because it ruins the look of the car, but gave up after 3 tickets, which require you to visit the PA police in person to show them the firmly attached tags and pay the fine). Maybe he found a way around "defacing" the beauty of his MB, since design...
Just make sure you have initialized your device to search for bluetooth devices. I had the problem with my aviation headset, until I was advised by Bose how to re-initialize it. Same happened with my Parrot in-car system - had to reset it to search, and it connects just fine now.
My suggestion is to go to the store to get it, because I'm still waiting for mine to ship, after ordering it early in the morning of Oct 7th at the local ATT store. Just missed the first 200,000 shipment. Who knows how long I'll have to wait, but it's been two weeks, and folks are walking into the ATT store and walking out with them immedately.So - the folks who ordered, after the intitial allotment was gone, are penalized until ATT gets as many phones shipped to their...
New Posts  All Forums: