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Wow. You bet. They don't listen to their lawyers, who would have told them to keep their mouths shut, and just release the phone - let others make comments about Samsung (supposedly) bypassing Apple's patents.I can just see the judge getting handed exhibit A (if it really exists, of course) - written comments from Samsung's management on "taking patents seriously from now on".Love to see the judge's response on continuing patent cases before the bench.
Do you love your iphone, or do you LOVE your iphone?Ask AI if it LOVES you - but be careful how you respond (there are state laws that prohibit this sort of thing, after all).
Hey - where's BOB to help us out (how long did "Bob" stick around at Microsoft? That was the first thing I always did when updating my PC's, to get rid of the stupid paperclip thingie.
There you go again talkin' logic again (with apologies to the Gipper).Don't let it happen again - ya HEAR ?
Why don't they take a page from Proctor & Gamble, and just say: "NEW AND IMPROVED" - (never have to answer any quesions at all).
Has anyone heard whether the lens opening for the new camera is larger in diameter? Also, is the flash opening any different in size? If they are the same size, then my extra Zagg film cover will work on the new 4S just fine (was planning on cutting it a little larger before installing it on the back, if, in fact, the new camera sports a larger lens mounting hole, or the flash is larger also.
Isn't it obvious - the report will come quicker, due to the faster speed, allowing CR to spend less time in "testing" than before.Of course, CR will not recommend it, but will once again list it as the best phone on the market.CR will go on to recommend smoke signals, postal telegraph, and pony express as the preferred methods, due to less dropped "calls".
I think it was merely a fandroid who stumbled upon AI, and didn't know that the accumulated knowledge here would trump everything he has written, and he didn't bother to read a little bit before making such a post.So many real-world comparisons have been done between the latest droids and iphones that anyone who takes the time to do so, will see the Wizard of Droid for all the hucksterism he represents, and ask Toto to remove the curtain.
Geez, why would anyone buy a phone that looks like its predecessor? (oh, wait - I just ordered 2). However, I've kept the balance in the universe by selling the "old" phones on Ebay, so all is right with universe.
Interesting you should mention that. On my trip to Europe, with my data and cell coverage turned off, I was charged by ATT for "data associated with the use of the GPS chip". I always thought that the dedicated Navigon app used GPS without using data, but apparently it uses some data. ATT was kind enough to take off the charges, when I assured them that I had turned off the cell and data coverage, and seemed to know what I was talking about. Maybe they know few will notice...
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