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Ballmer knows nothing about basketball and thinks he knows more about software/hardware than he does. He should just sit back in his suite and let the people who know what's up do their jobs.
JP Chase can't even predict THEIR company outcomes and have cost themselves BILLIONS. Who would listen to their advice? Ha.
in Q1 and that's a disappointment? Wall street greed.
If you're changing the UI 1 week before launch, you have a problem.
Isn't he buying iPads and iPhones in an exchange program? So sad!
The problem with the Surface isn't it's specs. It the performance that matters. And the Surface is terrible! Lipstick on a pig!
I agree. It's just like everytime Facebook updates the UI. People complain, but after a while they realize it is better. Can anyone imagine going back 2-3 versions of Facebook now?!
The video they should be ashamed of is the one where Balmer bashes the iPhone when it's first announced. Ha!
Maps may have had a rough start, but it WILL be the app to beat in the very near future!
Dumb Droid users.  
New Posts  All Forums: