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This is what happens with an open environment. Enjoy Android users!
I bought a Surface for testing at work. I put it to sleep at the end of the work day and the battery is dead the next day! That thing is a total POS!!!!  
OH NO! iPad doesn;t run PowerPoint? The world is going to end!!! PP is the worst application EVER!!!!
I knew Metro would never fly on desktops and laptops. And trying to get tablets to perform like a laptop is ridiculous too. Microsoft thinks they can create one solution for every type of device, but it's just not possible. Until they realise this, they will continually fail.
If he thinks it's outdated then maybe he should come up with the next best thing ad get his company back in the game?! Oh wait, he's waiting for Apple to do it so they can copy it. Idiot. It's 5 years old, but it still works well. How long did Blackberries all look and work the same? More than 5 years!!!!
If at first you don't succeed, make a newer, bigger, more expensive one.
I call BS! No way any of this is true!
Ha. Thanks!  
When people accuse Apple of copying other phones, all you need to say is "remember 2007? When the iPhone started the whole smart phone revolution?".
As long as MS has to write it's software for multiple OEM's they will never bo able to tune their software and hardware together. It will always be a bloated mess of code.
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