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Don't bite the hand that feeds you.  
Seriously? All because of a map app?!
Try MapQuest temporarily. It's FREE and has turn-by-turn.
who thinks that kickstand will be the fist thing to bend and/or break making the whole tablet a nightmare to deal with? I'm sure someone at Apple had to have thought of that but ruled against it for that very reason.   Also, the camera angle is great if you place the tablet on a desk. What about if it's not on a desk? You'd have to tilt it in a weird direction to line it up with your face while holding it.   No demo, no release dates, no real user interaction...
If you want a laptop then get a laptop! Keep what the iPad is meant to be in perspective. Who says the iPad isn't geared toward business anyway? I see plenty of businesses using it.
Horrible? Seriously? What doesn't it do that you need it to do?
No doubt!!!
Maybe there's isn't anything wrong with the Netflix app for the iPad?! Therefore it doesn't need to be updated! It's a market share issue but in a negative sense. With so many versions of Android OS coming out at such quick intervals, it's hard for any app developer to keep up.
That's not even remotely true! Show me some numbers to back up this claim, and I will listen.
You can't refresh the design of the hardware every year and make money! They added more functionality inside and beefed it up quite a bit. Actually, I think it's a good refresh. Faster CPU and graphics, better camera, antenna, more networks allowed, global. Very nice adds!!!
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