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I've been saying the knew iPhone would be a 4s for almost a year! People thought I was crazy. Now who's crazy?!
Exactly! It's impossible to pack every single "new" thing into one small device year after year. I want a phone with a 10MP camera/HD video that has a pop-out keyboard and mouse so I can use Photoshop/iMovie to edit on the phone. Then post that to my FB while on a mountain top in Colorado without eating up my data plan, and have the ability to receive a phone call at the same time. I guess I will be disappointed too!
It's a start in the right direction! Kudos to the airline industry for embracing technology to save $ and the planet.
Ha. I know this is still a rumor, but I called this a long time ago! However, everyone wanted to believe the IP5 would be out in June of this year! Apple doesn't rush new hardware onto the market until there's new software that the old hardware just can't handle properly. I bet IP5 won't be out until mid next year. iPad 3 could be an xmas launch, but we'll see.
OMG, Apple is manipulating it's customers?! NOOOO!!!! Just sell your inferior Apple products now, please!
Considering Android was the ONLY OS available that could compete with IOS, hardware makers had no choice but to use Android. And there are a lot of hardware makers trying to keep up with the iPhone. I bet if Apple licensed their IOS to other devices, Android would not exist at all.
I always thought we wouldn't see the next iPhone until next year anyway. I see the LTE version coming next year if the networks are ready!
I just don't see an iPhone 5 coming this year. The development of the IP4 for Verizon had to have chewed up many resources. I see the IP5 coming next year that will work on CDMA/LTE/GMS.
I wish I had the "problem" of having 60 billion dollars and walking away with only 40 billion! Pay your taxes like everyone else!
Bigger screen ... smaller screen? Give me a break. There's nothing to see here. Move on!
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