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There are many Android tablets on the market! So why aren't they successful in enterprise adoption?http://www.jkkmobile.com/2010/09/top...d-tablets.html
Seems gimmicky to me too. Has this company produced any other phone that worked well? I never heard of them.
Is it a rip-off if you buy something and are happy with it? I think not!
Restart your browser and/ or PC. You're probably cached.
I see why Apple had the quick hardware releases of the earlier iPhones because the platform was new, features were added and hardware needed to be updated too. The 3G/3GS is the same phone basically hardware wise, but the 3GS needed a few hardware extras for the new software. Looking at the 3G/3GS, you could never tell the difference. The IP4 has all the hardware specs needed for any new software updates in the near future. Plus, Apple has been busy with the Verizon phone....
I find it hard to believe an iPhone 5 is ready to debut after the IP4 was released less than a year ago. \
You can't help but think this move is SOLEY done to hurt Apple's push for HTML5 standards for mobile. What a bunch of whiny babies! They must be freaking out the iPhone is now on Verizon, and it will cut into Android sales. Google - users want a good experience. If you make it harder on them to do things, they will leave. Simple.
I have no idea if Verizon will let video chat over 3G happen. All I know is the new Skype app allows it on ATT. So it's obviously possible. It would be nice if FaceTime could too. I guess we'll have to wait and see.
I pay for 2GB of data. let me use it how I want, ATT!!!! Give me tethering!!!! Also, let me use FaceTime over 3G! Skype is great for this, but let's remove all governers and open this baby up!!!
Hopefully ATT will allow tethering for free now! Crossing fingers.
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