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It's like buying a race car just to commute to work then complaining the gas is too expensive. Sure, you can have the race car if you want, but don't complain after you buy it! You KNOW what you're getting into when you buy it!!
Why have an iPhone if you don't want data? Just get a regular phone! Done!!!
Any speculation on whether it will be CDMA or LTE?
No doubt! My iPhone is more powerful than the PowerMac's I used in college.
New iPads will have camera's. If your major requirement is you want something small to fit in your pants, then you have what you need. Still the article points out big differences between the 2 platforms and how they work. If you don't care about that then that's OK. No need to bash everyone!
I rarely print, but I do have a need sometimes. If I'm on my phone and come across something I need to print, it would be nice to just hit print rather than firing up a computer. It's just a convenience issue. If printing were dead then printer sales would be dead too. Seems like printers are very much alive.
Let's see: 1). Print photo's taken on phone. 2). Print docs from emails received on phone. 3). Print emails. 4). Print boarding passes. 5). Print travel info. etc, etc. Answer ... YES!
My thoughts exactly. I use apps way more than the browser.
Battery life ISN'T a legitimate concern?! My suspicions are verified. You have no clue. Are you friends with "Blackintosh" by any chance? Same person possibly? No life? You love your Android device so much yet you hang out on Apple forums? Searching for a Russian bride in between your posts? Hmmmm....
New Posts  All Forums: