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You DO realize this is to help preserve battery life, right? To me, if an app is doing nothing for me while I'm not using it, i don't want it to drain my battery/CPU. But that's just me being logical.
Just like the iPod, Apple is first to market, has the bigger share and others will try to play catch-up but never will. UNLESS, some ACTUALLY makes a better product.
Apple breaking ground again!
I bet there are plans in the works to make FaceTime available to all iPhone 4's/Mac's/PC's and over a cellular network. It will just take a little time. But will be well worth the wait.
Great point! Remember when Apple allowed others to make Mac clones? A total FAILED partnership. Apple chooses partnerships carefully. Blackintosh would run Apple into the ground if he were in charge.
Look, Apple and ATT have a year left on their contract. Until that contract runs out, NO ONE is getting the iPhone! It IS Apple's job to ensure the customers experience with it's products are engaging and consistent. If that means "playing GOD", as you like to put it, then so be it. If Verizon (or anyone else) wants the best phone on the market on their network, they will have to allow Apple to continue to run the show as they have. If you haven't noticed, it has worked...
This statement makes you an idiot. iPad sales have been projected to hit 28 million by 2011! You have NO clue about anything.
Yes, Apple doesn't have the ability execute anything?! Apparently, they executed enough to get you to spend your money on their products! Would you like some cheese with that wine?
Just be happy!
I installed 4.1 using iTunes 9. No need to upgrade iTunes. Everything seems to be OK so far.
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