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You must have been that pimple faced, nerdy kid on the playground who ran to the teachers every time someone did something that you felt was wrong. Look, I know you got your ass kicked multiple times and you never got laid. But have to let it go and move on with your life. Time to step up and be a man! You don't want to die a virgin, do you?
Who wants to hold and iPad with a cord attached? Wireless is the way to go. Leave it to Blackintosh to talk negative about Apple ... AGAIN! Idiot.
That's like asking "if they knew the computer software was going to get hacked, why didn't they deal with it proactively". It's an inevitable fact. You deal with it as it comes. And it will probably always need to be patched at some point.
Same for iPod?
Of course, I read the story. How else would I have formed a question based on the stories contents? I have always read here (and elsewhere) voice/data wasn't possible on CDMA. And, as far as I can tell, it still isn't possible currently because the networks need some sort of update to make it happen?! So why would this rumor make this statement if, currently, voice/data on CDMA isn't possible? So they plan on making the network update then release the IP4 for Verizon on...
I thought it was impossible to do voice/data at the same time on CDMA?
These screen shots don't look like something Apple would design. Just don't look right to me. I'm calling BS!
The rechargeable battery isn't anything new. I thought Apple was an innovative company! #Sarcasm
It looks like a pretty cool phone to me. It'll do well for the people who like Crack-berries. I like my iCrack still.
What could possibly be so important to run on your IP to take such a risk? I can understand using another network, but what apps could someone want that badly?
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