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Motion pictures has been around for a long time too. Do you suggest that Apple/Every other video device is ripping that idea off too? Some people just love to bash. If/When Apple brings this vision to life, I can't wait to see if someone else has done it first, in the same/different execution and/or tries to copy it.
And you're one of them. Constantly at that! Get rid of your phone (if you actually own one) and go away already.
Love it! Not only because it's funny, but probably true too!
That you're a dumbass!
I looked for the app via app store on my IP4 but couldn't find it. Help?
I want the new Droid X that has the bad screen. Much better than the IP4!"Just don't touch it that way"!http://www.ozcarguide.com/technology...?sms_ss=reddithttp://nexus404.com/Blog/2010/07/20/...ut-of-the-box/Let's here these quotes again from the Droid fans: "How could they let this come out of production like this", "what a bunch of idiots", "the company just made the biggest mistake ever".
I can't reproduce the bar drop with MY IP4 I've had for a week with a full "Death Grip"! So what's your point?
I think it was a GREAT decision! Apple was merely pointing out that other phones drop bars when held a specific way as does the iPhone 4. Jobs was even nice about it saying the other phone were "great phones". Apple did NOT say anything about dropped calls/data based on the bars dropping. To top it off, Apple is doing something to help their customers who complain about the issues, Do you think any of the other phone makers are going to do the same? NO WAY! How can people...
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