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I think it was a GREAT decision! Apple was merely pointing out that other phones drop bars when held a specific way as does the iPhone 4. Jobs was even nice about it saying the other phone were "great phones". Apple did NOT say anything about dropped calls/data based on the bars dropping. To top it off, Apple is doing something to help their customers who complain about the issues, Do you think any of the other phone makers are going to do the same? NO WAY! How can people...
Goodbye then. No reason for you to hang around.
I'm under the impression you do NOT own an IP4, and you're here just to stir the pot. Every post of yours is so redundant. Don't you have anything better to do? You MUST be getting paid by Google to post all this nonsense over-and-over. Get rid of your (non-existent)) IP4 please! And stop whining like a little B#†ch.
How did they make it appear that way? Today was the first official statement they made about it! Do you mean the so called "emails" that have been pointed out as being fakes? Do you really believe Jobs would be so careless as to send out an email that would be so crude? Get real! And do they really have to mention that they are looking into fixing the issue? Read between the lines.
I've read so many posts about how "dumb" it is that Apple didn't properly test the IP4. Yet Apple revels videos of how detailed their testing methods are. Did anyone REALLY think they (or any other cell phone maker) doesn't go through a huge R&D phase for such a huge product?
No, I'm not saying that. But how much can you beat a dead horse? Apple addressed the issue. Gave a set of solutions. If none of them work for you then return it. Simple!EDITED: Reading your posts, it seems you are one of the ones who are dead set on trying to make this issue live forever. I have a IP4 that doesn't have the antenna issue. I got mine on July 14th. I can only assume the 1st batch are the ones affected mostly. As new IP4's are made, the issue will be...
Look, if you bought a TV that didn't work, you'd take it back and either a). get a new one, or b). get a different brand. You wouldn't post (b*†ch) about it constantly on a forum, rip the TV's executives and bash the entire company! If you have an iPhone 4 that doesn't work for you TAKE IT BACK! If it doesn't meet your precious standards TAKE IT BACK! Seriously, a lot of people just need to chill and realize it's a phone. Apple is a company who makes great products but...
Too funny! MS is so far behind the game in both Computer AND mobile OSes it sad! I just got my iPhone 4 a couple days ago. I tried to drop the bars with the so called "Death Grip", and it just isn't like people are saying. I've covered as much of the metal band as possible with my hands and it drops 2 bars at most. Vista is a F-up of gargantuan proportions!
Since when is it being made of glass an issue? You know plastic breaks if dropped too?! (shooting flames, lasers, lightning bolts)
Steve's "Genius" is mainly in user interaction and process work flow in my eyes. His targeted vision that has made all of Apple's products work together seemlessly is his mark on the industry. A lot of people criticize his tight grip on the products/apps, but that's the only way to achieve such a high level of great user interaction and product performance. Please drop the antenna issue already. I saw a you tube video that showed a guy using his IP4 with the "Death...
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