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Government offices still use DOSThis is not true. Internet is the storage medium in Japan. It's easy to get 2G fiber in Tokyo, and recently there is 10G fiber.
Don't buy Android phone. Insanely easy.
iPhone 5S is free with 2 years contract. Android devices are also offered with the same pricing structure. If both are free, why should people buy Android?
Just kick that Amazon app from App Store.
In Android: It is not asking permission to access GPS, it's just telling you that it will access GPS. Your agreement is not needed.   In iOS: The application will ask GPS access, in which you can give or deny the access. Even if you agreed in the first place, you can deny its access later from privacy setting.
That's Android for you.
Il sont fous, les Françaises
I'd rather call the new Android theme as Hollow. It just offered over hyped craps.
What a waste, using good tool to polish turds.
The easiest way to make money on Android is by creating malware. Thanks to Java-like architecture, anyone can decompile any .apk, recompile with malware and resubmit to Google Play under different account.
New Posts  All Forums: