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Droidtards might understand after a long explanation, but Droidouches like AndroidDomination are just stubborn autistic teens.
Droidouche, did you read an analysis from a lawyer about this matter?http://thisismynext.com/2011/04/19/a...sung-analysis/
If the WP7 boat that they jump on were also sinking, their name as handset maker will come to extinction, and stay on cellular network business like Ericsson & Siemens.
Did you read, "the rest are crap"? yes, 90% are better than iPhone 4 on ugliness, speed of draining battery, weight, etc.
That's for entertainment. Gartner is one of laughing stock. You can get more on macalope.com.
From 300+ Android phones, may be only 10% are on par or slightly better than 3GS, the rest are crap. Even Android tablets are barely keeping up with iPad 1. It just like saying number of sold stones outnumbers number of sold gold.
EPIC FAIL of the year.
So? There are 150+ Android device makers, and from all devices they produce, about 10% are comparable or slightly better than iPhone 3GS. The rest are crap that have lifespan less than corn crops. Even Sony, HTC, Motorola, etc besides produce high end product, they also produce low end craps too. It's like comparing sales of Toyota to GM, Ford, Honda, KIA, Bajaj, Kijang, Baleno, etc combined. Motorola get $1 profit for each Android phone, so they need to boost their...
1st post troller? Listen, no matter how big the RAM, Xoom GUI will always be choppy because Android apps run on VM. The memory will be quickly full if you open many apps, so you still need Task Killer as usual. Compared to native code on iOS, the GUI is very smooth.
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