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So the rest of us is basically f*ck*d because of the misinterpretation/abuse of what free speech is.Nice. Thanks for clarifying this. The fact the you haven't been banned yet shows that AI seem to agree with you. AI has become Macrumors it seems.BTW, free speech does not mean the freedom to trample on someone else's perspective. I believe AI was initially created for Apple enthusiasts, not forum to be constantly attacked.The only real reason trolling or whatever you call...
I couldn't care less how you want everyone to think how big your p*nis is.I do care however, how this site has allowed you and your ilk to piss all over and practically ruin it for the rest of us.
This site's name should really be changed to AndroidInsider.
The music industry failed not so much because of Apple, but because of their ineptitude and refusal to truly analyze the market and adapt to change.It never ceases to amaze me that ills of various industries (music, movies, computing, etc) and society gets attached to a single company, when the solution should come from where they originated.When someone gambles their money away, is it Apple's fault?
What a wonderful idea. Apple should encourage this development by creating a category in iTunes specifically for independent shows/movies. Then promote the heck out of it.As with great products, great content tend to make people more invested and willing to pay premium, because it's worth it.The big boys really need to figure out how to deliver content without ads or they will not survive in the long run.
There is no question about Samsung's technical and supply chain capability. However, Samsung can be likened to a former buddy who:1. sleeps with your wife in front of you2. denies doing anything wrong3. accuses you of sleeping with his wife and therefore rationalizes it's a fair tradeBut yes, as we all already know, business is business.Off tangent I know, but this company's less than ethical practices simply disgust me.
I think Apple's distinctive achievement is that they became the most valuable company by delivering the best, while Microsoft achieved theirs by catering to the lowest common denominator, and essentially trying to be all things to everyone.
That's a really big IF.
So when should we expect a full blown prototype dutifully misplaced by an Apple engineer in a local bar?
New Posts  All Forums: