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Samsung is definitely smoking crack.
Maybe they'll sing in chorus and turn the trial into a musical. That should wrap it up in a jiffy.
You have to give her some credit for lasting this long. Posner would have thrown the case out before it even got started.
So basically, Samsung would fess up if the price (fine) is right?
I've tossed them Windows based laptops, licenses for MS Office and XBox 360. Hopefully, they get it through their thick skulls that they don't have to screw customers over just to survive, or maintain that f*ck*ng illusion of market share.I like Apple. But I think customers will be best served if we have many companies that deliver great products without activating their copying machines.To all contrarians out there, just zip it. Get therapy, take your meds, hire a nanny,...
This whole thing is just beyond the lowest of low scumbaggery. I can understand if Samsung was in Nokia's or RIM's or Kodak's shoes. It's not like Samsung is hurting for cash. It is not like the company is lacking the resources to do its own thing. Anyone still defending this company is well, I simply have no words to describe you.
Hmmm...Expect a "natural evolution" clone from Samsung to come out shortly after.
Trying to reason with people with an agenda reminds me of an episode of Friends- "The one where Joey speaks French".The crowning moment was when Phoebe apologizes in French to the director, imploring the director to play along because her "brother" (Joey) was demeuré.
Are some AI posters really this pathological?
Thank you.
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