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The more these trials unravel, the more I despise these companies. I can't even look at an Android device anymore without having the urge to vomit.
I have as much chance of convincing you as you are of convincing me otherwise. I'm afraid you're stuck with parroting for non-apple products for the rest of your life. I do thank you for doing your part in keeping this site going.
You need glasses, mon.
Does it really matter? Someone just asked me to shop for a windows laptop for them. I saw a few decent ones from S.Well guess what? S is banned from my recommendation. Laptop or otherwise. I really hope it was worth it for S to alienate potential customers.My point is astroturfers are really only good for boosting a site's post counts.
Yeah that attitude kinda sucks. In other words, It's only a crime if you catch them red handed.
Yeah, in a nutshell the competition is f*cked if they can't profit from Apple's research, because it is the natural progression of technology.Perhaps students with failing grades or barely making it through should be also be allowed to copy from A+ students. After all, getting an A should be a natural progression from an F.
I wonder if Samsung can claim insanity to avoid penalties.
Put a fork in it - you're done.
Touchwiz? Is this a slang similar to lacrosse in Canada?
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