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Perhaps Best Buy needs to partner with Amazon and eBay to provide the same day shipping, or pick up option these e-tailers have been pushing for recently.
Focus is not in the competition's DNA. It runs counter to "throw everything, see what sticks" strategy.
Apple fans typically lead busy lives to be bothered to counter post. I left MR a long, long time ago (and never came back) since the site is obviously about inciting post counts, ad analytics and pleasing advertisers at the expense of its intended audience. It is the site for "Apple fans" such as Da Hard-on.
Samsung's management has been pretty good at ducking responsibility. I wouldn't count out their legal team's ability to fabricate a get-out-of-jail-free card just yet.If the company even remotely cared about shareholders, then they probably should not have risked getting sued in the US on the first place. If their executives (CEO, board,etc.) are truly that stupid, then they should all be rightfully canned and fined.
Yes your royal highness, please forgive the foolish and flawed mortals.
How much longer lines and more fisticuffs over Apple products do we need? I for one am probably sold on Apple products for the rest of my life, and I can probably count the number of Apple sponsored ads I've with one hand. Apple products pretty much sell themselves.
I say forget the money. This case should be treated like Enron and all executives involved in the iClone campaign should face jail time. I didn't think that moving Choi from CEO to another position in the company did much as far as sending a message. The fines may cause downsizing and employees will suffer, but those directly responsible for making the decision to copy will not.Either jailtime or the fines should come directly out of the executives' pockets. One Won salary...
Post of the day.
We live in a crazy, crazy world. The justice system may even let Samsung get away with only a slap on the wrist in the name of keeping competition alive. And Apple may even actually be ordered to apologize to android vendors and Google for stifling innovation. S has very, very deep pockets as well.
'wouldn't be surprised if they are actually owned by his neighbor.
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