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So where does that leave Google, Microsoft, HP, Dell and the rest of the gang on this side of the pond?HP: "Apple may like to think that they own silver, but they don't. In no way did HP try to mimic Apple. In life there are a lot of similarities."I think the bigger problem is the industry seems to have given up.
Congrats. You just made it to my block list.
He can be rest assured that this whole mess started with Google, an American company. What is in question here are the business practices of the people at the very top in these companies.
The only way to find out for sure is for Apple to release such a tablet. Of course, the potential for fragmentation of iOS ecosystem may simply be not worth the effort.
johndoe88 showed some promise but seem to have disappeared. FR so far is tripping 25% of the meter, but he may be a version of another usual NPD here.
Tout à fait!Probably not going to happen anytime soon. From the ad analytics perspective, NPDs generate plenty of buzz, even if at the expense of everyone else. Which is why shills exists.A potential compromise might be a graded or temporary ban right before a permanent ban. In other words, as an example, after four strikes, the offender's subsequent posts show up as blank from a few days to up to two weeks, depending on how frequent they post. This way the ad analytics...
I am updating my block list. Has anyone compiled a list of AI characters with obvious NPD? Here is my list so far.Tune4TheLoveOfTecheric475ZZZlamewingDaHarderstelligenttooltalkJudging from the quotes, I don't think I am missing much. If I need more information about the competition, I just go to the nearest Best Buy or Staples. First hand experience pretty much confirms that the competition still doesn't get it and probably never will. I don't need some NPD joker use me to...
Bwahaahahahahahahaha! Thanks for the laughs!
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I was just trying to be kind. When you think about it, these individuals are incredibly sad. The thing about mental illness is everyone else but the person seem to be aware of the problem, and the person is incapable of any self control to do otherwise.
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