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Hey, there many geeks that love the iPhone 4. I am one of them.BTW, some of the worst comments about this farce have also come from "loyal" customers (you know, people that own many Apple products) but have jumped on this joke of a bandwagon. They feel Apple have done them wrong one way or another.
No doubt. but Nokia has issues of its own--http://www.electronista.com/articles...to.stop.apple/
Thank you!
I'm truly sorry for your problem, but realize that it is still your decision and responsibility to return any product if it doesn't fully meet or suit your needs and expectations. The comment about Apple PR just reeks of entitlement, but hardly surprising.
What Apple forgot to include is the percent of idiots that complained, but doesn't and will never own an iPhone 4.
You can return the iPhone 4 without restocking fee! http://www.macnn.com/articles/10/07/...eral.lawsuits/ Problem solved-
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