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Take you pick-a) Paranoid Personality Disorder: This personality disorder is marked by a suspicion of people in almost all situations, with no reason. They feel that everyone is against them and are constantly scanning the environment for proof of their suspicions.b) Schizotypal Personality Disorder: In schizotypal personality disorder, a persons speech, behaviour, thinking and/or perceptions are disturbed in an odd way, but not disturbed enough to be diagnosed as...
What we need are the next generation of leaders. The current guard or way is inadequate at fostering creative thinking necessary for producing innovative products.
The problem with the industry as a whole right now is that it has gotten really lazy. All a business really needs is to do is provide a unique selling point. People will buy good products. Unfortunately, even companies with the resources to come up with potentially great products choose to spend time how they can find loopholes in the legal system instead.It has to start with leadership. Samsung and their ilk produce leadership that has no ethics. They have to go....
Watch out for signs of Stockholm syndrome while reading quoted remarks by the same jokers.
Nah he wouldn't do that. None of these jokers would leave because this place is like Cheers to them.
Hmmm...perhaps it's time the quotes should offer the block list option too.
More power to you. I used to say the same thing. But there is a threshold to how much toxicity a person can take. At best, this category of posters are paid shills or simply bored out of their minds. At worst, rumors sites, especially Apple rumor sites, tend to attract individuals with mental illness science hasn't yet come out a name for.
I found his posts much easier to understand after enabling the block list.
The software patent process should be more like academic instructors grading student papers. Plagiarized material is just that- and the consequence is failing the course. There are none of this bogus squares, attempts at obfuscation, and all kinds of BS designed to detract from plagiarism. On the other hand, as per an Economist article, I wonder if fake MBA degrees is just as rampant in Korea as much as it is in China.
New Posts  All Forums: