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Thanks for the comprehensive response. From viewing other sites, I have been aware of these things before. However, I never did understand and probably never will understand the motivation behind these behaviors.
There's too much money to be made not to. It isn't like there is any real consequence to Samsung board, CEO or management.
Is johndoe98 really ZZZ? A pattern in the argument and post is beginning to emerge. Is this really ZZZ or another veteran contrarian with plenty of time to burn in his hands? Can anyone tell me what is the payoff for these jokers? One goes away, a dozen replacements come. A few longtime "pro Mac" folks all of a sudden feels the need to establish their "alphaness" and make everyone look like idiots, calls them isheep or fanbois. Or, is this another one of website tactics...
Apple is probably already ten generations ahead.
Why not? Market research told them it's what everyone wants.
An arse.
Oh I don't know. Never underestimate stupidity.Take that UK judge for example.
Where money is concerned anything is possible. If Google can be in perpetual state of denial, then why not this chump?
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