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Judging from how f'ed up the patent system is, and if that idiot judge from UK is any indication, there may be little to zero consequence to Samsung. 2 billion is a traffic light ticket even if it sticks. They'll simply copy something else.
Naaah. They're just riding the promo wave and being attention wh*res.
Aw c'mon...with Microsoft, you know there're always sequels!
Perhaps someone should sleep with the wives of Samsung executives. If any one of them complains, just say no one has patented adultery. Then show them pictures of Bonobos having orgies as prior art.
No one has to make fun of MS. They are what they are with monkeybutt at the helm.As for RIM and Nokia...picture Heins and Elop hopping around in close embrace, belting their rendition of "We're singing in the rain".Perhaps Ballmer can then burst in with his Elvis wig and crash the party with oh so inappropriate Jets vs. the Shark song.
Being in the IT support business since early 1990s, I still remember how every iteration of Windows sucked so bad before XP. Then Vista happened. Hopefully, the Windows 8/Metro monster combo's level of suckiness would be minimal.
Lol! Too true! If the goal was to limit posting, then they've succeeded.
Too bad most of these so called "leaders" never learned "thou shalt not copy Apple".
The punch clock, I-will-milk-it-for-all-its-worth-or-until-the-ship-sinks"" DNA?
New Posts  All Forums: