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The deal with big companies is that they say they want change, but they really don't want to change.  
If Yahoo gets lucky it will be reduced to RIM's level of predicament by next June.  
This is assuming the board will actually let her make decisions that run counter to Yahoo's "DNA". Or the board's job security for that matter.   There is only one and only Steve Jobs. Man, this world misses you.
Six months tops. Next!   'not saying she's not capable. Yahoo may simply be too messed up for a quick turnaround. We'll see.
Please do not confuse whining for whining's sake as a vehicle for new ideas. It is barely tolerable to hear from a child and it is an absolutely reprehensible behavior in an adult.   This "poor me" attitude is gets tiresome very quickly. A swift kick in the n*ts from time to time provides a good wake up call.   If you want examples of groupthink, look no further than Google, Microsoft and any PC vendors out there.  
Just buy an Android phone. Problem solved. Then begone.
It was his best side.
Why is it messed up? MS did it to themselves.   Apple continually analyzes where technology is going and creates new opportunities for itself. Everyone else pretends to be doing the same, but really only content on producing the same crappy products, punching clocks and desperately trying to maintain the status quo.    
If it's "just a design point" comment is true, then it's business as usual.   Expect more of "me too" and barely-qualifies-as-mediocre products to flood the market.
New Posts  All Forums: