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 The article is largely full of shit.  When FedEx fill their planes with gas, they don't pay the price at the pump.  They are in long term contracts for their fuel to insulate them from price fluctuations (just like every other industry that relies on a commodity that has market pricing).  Furthermore, Apple is already getting great rates on shipping through the volume they ship.  Savings will be a drop in the bucket for a company Apple's size. Dollar wise, Apple is...
 I wouldn't be surprised if Apple wouldn't let them do that.  If GTAT had announced a major loss etc, everyone would have know Apple would not be using Safire in their iPhones.
Dr. Dre like Steve Jobs?!? Hahahahahahahahaha!
The guy was a complete fucking idiot, who said the stupidest things.  I wouldn't be surprised if they showed him the door.
 Wouldn't mind seeing a link to back that up?
 I think their just a little confused / sloppy.  The way they (incorrectly) came to that number is that the $3000 model comes in 144 configurations, and the $4000 model has 54 configurations (which equals 198)  What they fail to realize, is that every possible configuration can be made from the base model.
Half the shit people buy they don't "need".  Don't let something like that stop ya!
You call this "hands on"!?!? LOL!
Cisco got raped on the deal and the whole world knows it. If they made any money from such a valuable trademark they would have said so. Again, you are out of your depth here and now look - I've made you look a blimmin' fool.
Apple signed a deal with Cisco because it was the faster and cheaper than going through the courts. Apple payed nothing for the trademark. They let Cisco keep using the trademark knowing full well they never actually would use it (and they where right)
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