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 It's not superior at all, it doesn't have a 3rd ground pin which this does.
Sorry, database master, how immature it is of me asking you to back up your claims.  You are correct, we should BOLD FileMaker Pro every time it is mentioned considering it's a kindergarten Enterprise level DB. :)
Looks like the database master is at a loss for words!?   You go run along now and play with your mickey mouse database.
LMAO oh please database master, enlighten us all and explain how 55.59 is higher than 52.898?  You go run along now an play with your little kindergarten db.
http://db-engines.com/en/ranking_trend/system/FileMaker May 2014 - 55.59 May 2015 - 52.898   http://db-engines.com/en/ranking Down 2 spots to 14.  Not one mainstream database came behind FileMaker.  Not one.   I know math is hard ;)   You go run along now an play with your little kindergarten db.
Well, at least you are not denying you don't know anything about databases - so that's a good start :) Not only don't you understand databases, but you seem to be unable to comprehend data as your own evidence shows a decline in FM in the last year.  Nice dodge on the rest of my points, BTW -  you go run along now and play with your little kindergarten database ok?
Dear lord, you don't have a clue about databases do you?  Of course that site is wrong, have you read how they generate those graphs? Have a look here: http://db-engines.com/en/ranking_definition - not really a great way to determine market share.  Not sure how Oracle can eclipse both sql and mysql so their numbers are clearly off.  Looks like the graph took off, right after they started tracking linked in profiles, so if anyone has filemaker in their resume will generate...
 Firms are leaving FileMaker in droves.  Look on StackOverflow.com and there are hardly any resent questions regarding FileMaker.  They restructured 2 years ago and stopped Bento because they where short of profits.  http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/158864/apple-subsidiary-filemaker-reportedly-lays-off-20-amid-restructuring You guys bought and used FileMaker under the same conditions most companies do.  As a band-aid to fix a problem.  Oracle systems (though over-rated and...
It's not.  It's for companies that can't afford anything else.  Companies usually start in FileMaker, but quickly outgrow it, and are lucky if they can ever migrate off of it, as it becomes to entwined in their business.  I've seen it happen lots of times.  What about it is Enterprise level?  If you have a server crash, and people are using it - you have data corruption.  Guaranteed.   How can more than one developer work on it, you can't put it in a repository.   Can you...
FileMaker is garbage.  Sure it's good for work groups for 5-10 people, but for anything serious it just falls apart.  FM 13 got ripped apart on FM forum, pages and pages of people complaining about speed.  Their web publishing is a joke too.  If your serious about development, learn a real language - like PHP or Ruby, and use a real database, like MySQL or Postgres. Saying something like "we have $10 million in revenue and filemaker is amazing" is meaningless as the amount...
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