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 The clock is ticking on Intel.  Their product delays alone are enough for Apple to want to dump them.  Ideally, I think Apple wants the processor to be as interchangeable as any component in their products.  I think the timetable is dependent on how much of a priority this is for Apple.
Is there someone near you that can check your english?  It's quite dreadful.     Where did I say this?  Are you as bad at reading english as you are writing it?
 Exactly.  No you're learning something!  Sorry I can't answer your other questions, your english is not very good.
 Apple sells over 200 million iPhones a year.  That's not including iPad.  Apple sells 20 million Macs a year.  The economies of scale are insignificant by putting ARM processors in Macs.  Apple wants the profits Intel is getting for itself.  That's where all the money is for a move like this.
 I know, you are a little slow to catch on.  Apple has the highest margins on iPhones.  If they cared about volume over margins, their phones should be cheaper than everyone else.  Apple takes 92% of all profits in the mobile industry.  They easily have room to make cheaper phones,  but they don't because they value profit margin over volume.  LOL! They just put the price back to where it used to be.  Prices went up with the retina screen. Duh?  The whole reason the SoC is...
 There you go again, contradicting yourself.  High volume categories allow for lower margins.  So if their high volume business has higher margins than their low volume lower margin business, then they probably aren't happy with the lower margins.
 For your theory to hold up, Apple's phones should be cheaper.  Sure, they have 'crippled' models to try and offer a budget version for schools, but the iMac and PowerMac have actually gone up in price.  Oh I'm sorry - I'm going too fast for you.   Apple uses their ARM processors in their iPhones and iPads.  Still with me?  Since iPhones and iPads use ARM, but are not cheaper in order to move more units, then it's unlikely putting ARM in laptops will result in cheaper...
 None of those changes required developers to do anything with their apps.  We don't know that.  If apple can pull off a transition so that OS X apps will work on ARM chips then developers won't need to know.  No they aren't.  Apple margins are higher on iPhones and iPads than the laptops and desktops.  
They don't.  Look how expensive iPhones are.
 Apple would need to give developers a heads up, unless it would be seamless transition somehow.  Probably not much.  They would use the savings to pad their margins.
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