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Most people are capable of typing words with a swipe keyboard without memorizing specific gestures.
Swipe keyboards are much faster to type on with one hand once you get used to it.  That's the big advantage
Android version is $30.  I would wait for competitors to bring the price down.
ARM on an MacBook would be an unmitigated disaster unless Moore's law quadruples. Not to mention the complete rewrite required for all software.
There are relatively easy ways to play many top windows native games play on linux.  I am sure that he is aware of this and will be incorporating this capability in a linux based Steambox.
I don't see Halo 4 gamers thinking "Nova 3 is good enough." Dark Knight Rises is a fun ipad game, but it's not close to Arkham City. Apple might get a lot of customers who might not have otherwise bought a game system, but not those who want top console quality games (at least until the hardware catches up and developers spend more on development).
Still sounds like Kelso to me.
The only really interesting thing about this is the ability to stream Steam Games from your PC and even that is limited to in home wifi. Now if you could stream them over internet that would be something -- sort of like play-on. That is what they are trying to do with their Grid could service.
The bottom line is this is all about money and nothing else.  If users are willing to spend $200 on 8GB of RAM, then why shouldn't apple earn as much as possible? No one is forcing you to buy an iMac.
$50 more and you can get a refurb 3rd gen iPad.
New Posts  All Forums: