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With Asus and Google coming out with much faster dual core 720p models for $199, I am not sure why anyone who wants a 7" Android tablet would buy a much slower, lower resolution product for $150.  I assume that the new $199 Kindle will be much faster as well and maybe higher resolution as well.  $99 would be a better price for this.
Verizon screwed Apple out of a lot of sales as many people are going to upgrade now just to keep their unlimited plan
You know that Samsung is going to steal Apple's patent on covering both sides of a tablet.
I hope Apple is ready for the backlash from the millions of people who want to buy this phone.
Labor costs aside. China controls the vast majority of rare earth elements needed in complex electronics. They only export so much. Thus, you have to build in china to have access to them.
Apple is still leading in profits which what companies care about.  If it wants to gain significantly more market share (and that may not be a desirable thing if it cuts into profits), it needs to offer different size phones (ie a 4" iPhone 5 and a 3.5" 4s which very well may happen) and offer an inexpensive 3GS in markets where phones are not subsidized.
It will be the opposite. As soon as Apple announces a 4" screen, that will be the perfect size. Until the moment before, 3.5 will be the perfect size.
Choice is only good after Apple decides to give you a choice.  Before Apple decides to give you a choice, choice is bad.  So right now there is no reason why anyone should want an iPad Mini, but if Apple creates one, it will be magical.
True.  Maybe decimate is a better word.
Here is a good article speculating on why 7.85 inches is more likely than 7"
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